Tropical Deception by David Myles Robinson

Tropical Deception by David Myles Robinson is a legal thriller. The story is gripping and a page turner from the start. The story starts with a murder. The victim is a staunch opponent of a multi billion dollar project which involves Russian Oligarchs and people with mob connections and also some mobsters. The murder accused is a business man whose wife has an affair with the victim , Is this murder really about the extra marital affair or has multiple possibilities. It is up to the defense lawyer to dig and find out the various players . There is also a side plot about a tragedy in the lawyer’s family but this doesn’t in any way affect the pace of the story but gives a breather and lends a human touch . Moreover the prosecuting attorney just does his duty and is not the villian as most of the other side lawyers are shown in most legal thrillers and also shares new developments with his opponent even if it weakens his case .

The pace of the story is good and keeps the reader from putting the book down. The Hawaiian background really gives a bonus tropical touch to this great story.
A must for all lovers of thrillers.

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