Fisher’s Autism Trilogy – Paul C Nelson

Fisher’s Autism Trilogy by Paul C Nelson is different kind of coming of age YA story that traces the growth of an autistic Fisher from a insecure child to an adult to great potential and powers.
The story is simple and moving though seems slow paced , when you look closely so many things seem to be happening.
The story of Fisher and his other autistic friends and also his childhood rival turned ally Jonah play an important role shaping many events with their super powers that so called normal people cannot see. This story encourages that everyone is special in their own way and no one should bully or demean others for their difference or insecurities. And each person should believe in themselves. Though in some places is a little religious and holy scriptures quoted but loved the fact that does not propagate that only one religion or sect is above others but teaches compatibility and tolerance for the good of everyone.Also teaches the fact that autistic and other special ability people and their caregivers do not need sympathy or pity or also unwanted help but acceptance from so called normal society.
The story also highlights the struggle of the superheroes behind the people who are regarded as the burden of society; these unseen people being the caregivers.
This is one problem that seems unnoticed in our society is that the caregivers also need care both emotional and physical. The story addresses many such issues and also the never ending war between good and back, dark and light and also climate change and environmental and global destruction.
Thank you @Booktasters and Paul for this lovely story

All in all it is good story to read for (and be read to ) kids of all ages from 3 to 90. It would have been more better it it had been less kind of lecturing and religious in some places but still a very good read.

Based on Lies: It Begins by Debarshi Kanjilal

A psychological thriller that throws curve balls in every chapter. A story that innocently starts with what looks like an unhappy marriage soon turns sinister as the past secrets are revealed . There are no heroes or innocents in this story but everyone seems to have a dark secret and no one is innocent.
These skeletons of the past are revealed in a diary kept by the protagonist Anurag. The story ends on a cliffhanger where the diary is left for his wife to be found and what she does with the diary left to readers’ imagination or have to wait for the 2nd installment of the story to be revealed
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

The Fading of Kimberley – Kit Crumpton

Thank you @BookTasters for this book which I received from the author. This book deals different types of mental illnesses and their experimental treatment in the 1920s to 1940s. It deals with a difficult topic that was taboo in those times and illness in the family often hidden and never questioned the supposedly expert doctors decisions mostly experimental an expression “let’s see what are the results” after a procedure is done. It was a time when shock therapy, cold water treatment and other cruel methods and also lobotomy were often used to treat persons who did to conform to social norms of normalcy at those times; especially women. No one dared question or get clarifications over the results.
This is a book that is little disturbing and an honest account . but as a story it fails at times to hold interest but still it is a must read book. 41PJBuSVjLL.jpg

The Dumont Chronicles – Gloria Repp

Book 1 The Forever Stone :

I received this book from the author via @Booktasters
The Forever Stone is the first book in the Dumont women chronicles . This is the story of Madeline or Mollie who wants to forget her traumatic past and abusive dead husband and start new in the quiet and away from big city life. She escapes from a scheming, don’t care mother, nosy relatives to a new beginning to help her aunt restore an ancient mansion in the somewhat lonely quiet area.
What Madeline finds there forms the crux of the story. Whether she heals from her fearful past and finds peace and all that she deserves or faces another trauma. How she beats the odds and whether she overcomes her problems and helps those in need.
The story is simple and delight to read (gives a kind of M&B feel)
Not too many characters crowd
The only thing that put me off was too much religious content. I do not mind that as I am a believer but not too religious and sometime the book gives the feel that it is kind of propagating one religion which can be a little offputting to those varied readers
despite this it was a pleasant read on a lazy evening

Book 2 Deep Focus

I received this book from the author via @Booktasters
This is the second book in the Dumont Women Chronicles. I have to say Gloria repp has created the representative of modern women confident, working and but also kind and helpful This is the story of Lin , the in and out aunt in the first book.
The story is good it has all the elements of betrayal, hope love and not giving up and compromising what heart does not agree with and also that when one one door closed either another door or window opens.
This could have been a great story but drags a little in the middle and has too much of religious content and that though not directly says One religion is only one though I appreciate that the author never condemns others.

Book 3 The Protector

The third in the series of Dumont Women. It carries forward the story of Lin and Mollie and their love lifes and other characters that their life is entangles with.
Lin has to return to her castle being restores by her niece Mollie due to arson and damage to the castle and threats. Someone wants to buy their castle at any cost.
there is betrayal by an old friend, help from new friends and new hopes and beginnings.
The story is simple and good and a pleasant read on rainy afternoon.
Would have better if scriptures were quoted less

Stranger Things Have Happened – Thomas Gaffney

Stranger Things Have Happened by Thomas Gaffney is a collection of eerie short stories that mange to spook. There are 9 stories and each story has a different element that is scary, spooky or that elicits what just happened moments.
Each story has a twist. I especially loved Feeeeenix , missing and ghost. The stories are never repetitive , each has fresh new angle and simple to read but as the title suggests “Stranger Things Have Happened”.
I am big fan of short stories or flash fiction and not all books that come under this genre are as good as this one. The author has a gift of saying the entire story in a few pages with few characters and this is what I loved instead of convoluted plots and storylines and a crowd of characters that not only confuse the reader but the author also. Thankfully this book does not come under this. In fact it creates a feeling and you wish to know more what happened after that.
very great read. Thank you Thomas Gaffney and @BookTasters for this wonderful book

The Harvard Skull Fiasco -Kris St.Gabriel

This is the story of Shea who has an irreverent attitude towards authority, a master at making long stories and inherent desire to disobey orders; also is the main suspect in the theft of a famous skull as he has been making claims for past many months of trying to steal it to everyone.

It is a quirky satirical tale that brings a smile and which is to be read on a lazy day.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Three Hots and a Cot by Nancy Wyatt

An honest account of the homeless people told from their point of view that are really heart touching.
By a combination of prose and poetry, the accounts bring tears.
Here the book doesn’t ask for donations or alms but asks to understand and not pity or despise the homeless, sick or addicted people. The author makes a point that this can happen to best of people due to circumstances. And these people are not to be despised or pitied because they did not become addicts or peddlers or prostitutes by choice but were forced to. How hunger not only yours but your dependents drives one to desperate measures. The author pleads that if one cannot help them it’s okay but do not despise them. Anyone can be their shoes.
The last story “Please God” from a child’s view point is most disturbing of all. How a kid is being used and lied and led with a false show of concern, what will he grow up to be.
“Three Hots and a Cot” is a must read. I received this book from the author via @Booktasters