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Ooh, Shiny!

This beautiful flower on the creeper in my balcony


What could be more distracting than the royal queen aka stray cat lazily lounging on the wall or so shiny eggs in my garden


Nest and Egg- A Nature’s match from my garden

These rays of humanity


These beautiful images from a monastery in Mcleodganj


The first attempt at cake baking by my daughters-most shiny moment





Savor each day of your life and enjoy it to the full. Because days gone never come back.

Especially the days of childhood. How special they are


“Rona dhona band karo aur poore josh se har din jiyo”

  (Stop crying and whining and live each day to the fullest)

Jee Chahta hai            ( The Heart Desires)

Aaj phir se badtameez ban ne jo jee chahta hai
bina wajah rone aur yunhi khilkhilane ko
        jee chahta hai
Aaj phir se bachpan ke us pal mein lautne ko
        Jab na koi phikar na koi gum
Bas masti se baarish mein bheegne ko
            jee chahta hai
Kya shahi woh bachpan ki zindagi thi
 kgaz ke hi sahi tab hamaare bhi jahaz hua karte the
Aaj ke saare sukh chodkar tapti dhoop mein
   phir se ret ke mahal bana ameer ban ne ko
         Jee chahta hai
Woh din Jab yaad aate hai to aanso chalakte hai
Aaj ke ssathiyon se  tab ka dushman jyaada apna lagta hai
    To un yaaron ki baat hi ajab jab dosti meim koi matlab na tha
unhe dhoondhkar bas gale lagkar hansne rone ko
       jee chahta hai
( Translation rough
Today the heart desires that I become mannerless again
and cry without reason and giggle like that
Thats what my heart desires
So Royal childhood was
even we owned ships then even if  they were paper
Leaving behind all pleasures of today under the harsh sun
The heart desires
to make sand castles and feel rich again
Today I want to return to the childhood moment
When there were no worries or no tears
Just want to run in rain care free
Thats what my heart desires
When I remember those days, I  tear up
The then enemy feels more close than todays associates
Then friends were just wonderful when friendship was without motive
Want to search and hug them and to laugh and cry with them is what
my heart desires”

via Photo Challenge: Transient



What is not transient in life. Ever moment every thing Even Life itself is.

So Enjoy and live

These first baking experiments by my daughters

The Serenity, The tranquility and then the chattering and beauty of the fishes..during my different travels


Book Review “The Palace of Illusions”

“Perhaps it (Story) was why, it changed with each telling. Or is that the nature of all stories, the reason for their power?”

This quote from the book is my favourite.

Ive loved this retelling of the much written about story which almost every Indian kid knows. This perspective is a first one and its awesome.

After a long time Ive read such on book which has made me cry at failures of the protagonist, gloat with vain pride, laugh at her triumphs. Here the woman is neither a saint nor a sinner but just a woman, a human with all emotions and feelings and secret desires of a woman’s heart, She chaste shes jealous shes angry shes supportive and vengeful as the situations arises and strong when required.

This is a book that I recommend everyone should read whether you know the story of Mahabharat or not. In fact ive recommended it to both my daughters.

Kshanabhangur (Evanescent )


Evanescent in Hindi is Kshanabhangur (Kshana means moment and Bhangur means destructible)

I have found that everything in life is not permanent ..somethings are evanescent and others linger for sometime and then…whooosh just gone.

What remains is what we make of those moments,,the memories we retain..of our children’s growing up, of our parents and grandparents growing old and them some of the loved ones passing away ,,where..

If we try..the beauty of those moments can enrich our life

Like this flat beans flowers  and the chocolava cake baked by my daughters which made cry happy tears on realising they had grown up

IMG_20170121_1604112014-06-15 16.53.40

Then there is this beautiful moment while on a trip to Mcleodganj



The Boy from PataliputraThe Boy from Pataliputra by Rahul Mitra

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A gripping book with a racy narrative. The story of transformation of a brat to a revenge seeker to a responsible adult and finally a nationalist hooks you. The turbulent times are aptly described and you get the feeling this story is part of the history of those times interwoven with real events. A must read.
A good book from a debut writer. Would look forward to more of his work