For Those Who Dare – John Anthony Miller

For Those Who Dare by John Anthony Miller is a fantastic account of the events around the construction of the Berlin Wall. The wall was constructed to keep the west out or was it to keep the east in is a big question here.
There are are group of people who need to escape to the west at any cost which becomes nearly impossible with the construction of the wall overnight. The rest story is how they plan and manage it and whether they are successful in an atmosphere of distrust where you are not sure who you can trust and betrayals becomes the norm and survival becomes a necessity When loved ones betray they receive help from unexpected sources.
The story is never dull and very realistic as if the author was part of the its unfolding and it is hard to put down book I read it from start to finish. A fantastic story with very good characters.
Thanks Readers House for the chance to read and review this book for free.

Red Tide – Mark James Miller

I would give 5 stars for the story and vivid descriptions of the landscapes and area and also main characters. I received this book from the author via @BookTasters
Red Tide by Mark James Miller is a coming of age heart breaking story of two friends who think by escaping or running away from their problems and dysfunctional families can make them happy but they find otherwise and have to return and on the way berfiend a former prostitute who thinks she has has to atone for her past. There are many other characters in the story which leads to complex interactions and relationships both good and bad.
The plot makes for a story that is hard to leave or forget. But the shortcoming ids events and the mistakes they make is repetitive and also I personally feel there is unnecessary too much violence and badness in the story. Making same mistakes again and again and repenting and then making same mistake again may be Real Life but makes not for a very interesting reading
But that surely is my personal feeling

Otherwise the story is realistic and hard hitting .