For Those Who Dare – John Anthony Miller

For Those Who Dare by John Anthony Miller is a fantastic account of the events around the construction of the Berlin Wall. The wall was constructed to keep the west out or was it to keep the east in is a big question here.
There are are group of people who need to escape to the west at any cost which becomes nearly impossible with the construction of the wall overnight. The rest story is how they plan and manage it and whether they are successful in an atmosphere of distrust where you are not sure who you can trust and betrayals becomes the norm and survival becomes a necessity When loved ones betray they receive help from unexpected sources.
The story is never dull and very realistic as if the author was part of the its unfolding and it is hard to put down book I read it from start to finish. A fantastic story with very good characters.
Thanks Readers House for the chance to read and review this book for free.

Red Tide – Mark James Miller

I would give 5 stars for the story and vivid descriptions of the landscapes and area and also main characters. I received this book from the author via @BookTasters
Red Tide by Mark James Miller is a coming of age heart breaking story of two friends who think by escaping or running away from their problems and dysfunctional families can make them happy but they find otherwise and have to return and on the way berfiend a former prostitute who thinks she has has to atone for her past. There are many other characters in the story which leads to complex interactions and relationships both good and bad.
The plot makes for a story that is hard to leave or forget. But the shortcoming ids events and the mistakes they make is repetitive and also I personally feel there is unnecessary too much violence and badness in the story. Making same mistakes again and again and repenting and then making same mistake again may be Real Life but makes not for a very interesting reading
But that surely is my personal feeling

Otherwise the story is realistic and hard hitting .

Echoes of the Gidat – Eme Savage

AN amazing fantasy world that is so vividly described by the author in Echoes of the Gidat. The story is also equally fascinating and spellbinds the reader.
Two timelines are running parallel but never create any confusion. One is the story of the first Gidat being narrated to prepare the prophesied last gidat for his role. The characters are also remarkable There are too many characters but each one has enriched the story
Though initially it takes times time and a few pages to get into the story bur once it picks pace never slacks off.
It makes me eagerly and anxiously wait for the fates of Minkos , Tgan , Katriel and all others to be revealed so waiting for the sequel .

A must read for all kinds of readers because it is a great chronicle

Wanted – Shelby Haisley

Wanted by Shelby Haisley was sent to me through @BookTasters. It is a edge of seat thriller from the 1st page
August has lost her parents in a car accident but cannot remember most of it just that her father had asked her to run and that is what she does . She has to run to find those who murdered her parents
and protect herself from CIA , gangsters all who want something from her. She also has to find out her parents’ secrets that the CIA director so desperately wants.
Her only hope is a rogue agent Steele and his protege
A fast thriller with all the elements of a blockbuster. A well written story where events keep happening every page and keeps the reader glued . A page turner from the word go makes eagerly and Anxiously wait for the sequel

Cornered – Alan Brenham

Cornered by Alan Brenham is a thriller ,cop novel that binds the reader from the first page. Seven young women are kidnapped at different intervals with link between them without a ransom demand. It is upto the young detective matt Brady to find them before they are lost forever or at least catch the criminals before more women are kidnapped. A vet Tracy also involved herself in the case as the latest victim is her assistant and thus angering the kidnappers and Brady has to race against time to save his love interest from becoming the next victim So it becomes a personal mission for him due to Tracy and a botched kidnapping rescue in the past.
This race to find the kidnappers and the motive behind moves the plot forward. Are the women saved or lost forever? Is Tracy saved and the perpetrators caught ?
The book is gripping, with twists . Though the pace is not very fast but still thrilling. Though there are many characters ; each one has his own p;ace to move the plot forward and justifies his/her place.
A must read for all thrill readers. Thanks @BookTasters for this book

A Crowded Heart – Andrea McKenzie Raine

A Crowded Heart by Andrea McKenzie Raine is a a story that neither entertains not thrills but makes one to pause reading and think; and doesn’t leave your thoughts even when it is finished . It is the story of survivors of those who actively participated in the great war; who wonder if they are the lucky ones or those dies fighting were lucky.
Willis , the soldier here comes out only injured in the war, marries . has a career and a life but has the war been left behind actually or is he still fighting it daily in his mind like many of his fellow soldiers. They are left battling depression and resort to alcoholism, infidelity and sometimes drugs to fight the demons and mental scars . Though physically they are free but mentally they are still the prisoners of the war and even when try to get help, the authorities just sweep them aside in some rehabilitation centre and forget they exist
The angst the struggle to free from mental prison and the families who are swept along in their tornado of emotions without a clue to how to help and havoc that is caused is handled in this story. A heartbreakingly thoughtful novel that I received through @readershouse.

Reunion – Pol McShane

Reunion by Pol McShane – Received this book through @Readershouse. How to classify this book – not because it is not worth but because it is just WOW.
The story starts with a happy and a financially sound family of two brothers that soon turns into a tragedy and man brother at the end of his life wants to turns the tragic site into a kids park so that the place becomes a place of laughter again.
As the park opens , bizarre things start to happen into which are caught four small children. As you are reading you never know when the story turns from a happy to tragic to horror. The twists just jolt you and you are just carried away by the tale. As it says on the cover of the book that it is a ghost story, but still though you want the ghosts to leave the kids alone you feel an empathy for them and cannot hate them as they don’t know what else to do They just want to play. The ending justifies the title as it a reunion not only for one set of people but a reunion in many ways.
The story never loses paces as events go on happening . This is a story that once you pick you do not want to leave it without knowing what happens next.
A must read for everyone not only for those who love ghost stories for also for those who love dramatic and happy endings because this is a ghost story with a difference for this is neither exorcism nor religious and not even a true horror; yes it is scary at times but what it is just read and I at least did not regret reading it .
Thank you Pol McShane for this great book

Welcome to Maravilla – R Douglas Clark

Welcome to Maravilla by R douglas Clark turned out to be a surprise read for me. The tiny hamlet of tranquility is threatened with the closure of its post office that is the epicentre of its existence and the only place where all friends and foes forget their personal issues . This town had no legal standing and had been divided into 2 counties as there was no powerful voice to speak for it and hence neglected by both of them. Things get stirred when closure of the only post office is announced and the 5000 odd residents join to fight for it to be made an independent county. And how all these events affect their daily routine makes for a delightful read. Whether they succeed and what all changes affect the town forms the crux of the story.
Each character in this book has different characteristics and adds to the atmosphere and progress of the story. This is not a fast paced thriller but a pleasant delightful read and deserves a seven star. The weak point for me if the story of the outsider Jake that has a great start but an ending that doesn’t fit with overall ambience of the book but still it never makes the plot dull not hinders in any way.
I loved it very much and thanks @Authorshouse and @Readers House for the ARC Copy by marketing team

Laundered Shirts look Better on Hangers by Jane Collins – Phillippe

Laundered Shirts look Better on Hangers by Jane Collins – Phillippe – A humorous dark at times,self deprecating in parts and dry wit majorly marks this tale.
When I received this book from the author through @BookTasters mI hadn’t expected that I would love it so much.
This is the tale of a not exactly downtrodden but browbeaten with no will of her own housewife Claudia who is manipulated by her cheating husband and evil sister. Whatever she wants in life since birth is taken away by her sister just for the heck of it even her beloved piano that belonged to her grandparents though her sister never plays it.Claudia thinks that the only power she has over her life is to end it and even she fails at that 3 times. She considers this fate and with help of her true friends and some eccentric people she meets she rebuilds her life, becomes financially independent and gets rid of her old life and builds a new one.
This is her story – how she rids herself of the cobwebs and finds her inner strength at an age where many people think life is over and gets back all that she truly desires forms the crux of the story.
The pace is slow ( It would have been better if the mental state and inner conflicts description wa a little less) but still this book is smile all the way through kind of story and laughing loud in some place. A must read. Don’t get put off by the Phone sex thing- It plays a very small but significant part in Claudia’s evolution.

The Minotaur’s Son and other stories – Kevin Ansbro

As a huge fan of flash fiction/short stories , this book exceeds my expectations. Each story belongs to a different category. All the masala is in there .
The first story about a young boy stuck in a limbo after drowning with a talking cat and a bat just intrigues you takes you in to a tunnel of wholesome enjoyment with each story spinning a web around you, There is a unrequited love story, a supernatural revenge story, genie’s 3 wishes with a twist, emotional story, love and reunion story and so goes on. Each story has an ending that seems unexpected but perfect.Then there is also a sad story that tugs your heart strings.
This book is a treat for all kinds of readers.
Thank you Kevin for this wonderful book