Echoes of the Gidat – Eme Savage

AN amazing fantasy world that is so vividly described by the author in Echoes of the Gidat. The story is also equally fascinating and spellbinds the reader.
Two timelines are running parallel but never create any confusion. One is the story of the first Gidat being narrated to prepare the prophesied last gidat for his role. The characters are also remarkable There are too many characters but each one has enriched the story
Though initially it takes times time and a few pages to get into the story bur once it picks pace never slacks off.
It makes me eagerly and anxiously wait for the fates of Minkos , Tgan , Katriel and all others to be revealed so waiting for the sequel .

A must read for all kinds of readers because it is a great chronicle

Wanted – Shelby Haisley

Wanted by Shelby Haisley was sent to me through @BookTasters. It is a edge of seat thriller from the 1st page
August has lost her parents in a car accident but cannot remember most of it just that her father had asked her to run and that is what she does . She has to run to find those who murdered her parents
and protect herself from CIA , gangsters all who want something from her. She also has to find out her parents’ secrets that the CIA director so desperately wants.
Her only hope is a rogue agent Steele and his protege
A fast thriller with all the elements of a blockbuster. A well written story where events keep happening every page and keeps the reader glued . A page turner from the word go makes eagerly and Anxiously wait for the sequel