Daily Prompt: Obsessed

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Admist all the strife

We forgot how precious is life

In going the extra mile

We did not find time to smile

Obsessed with making a name

Lost the fun and got busy in Life’s game

Today if we pause to remember, we would glimpse a long and lonely way

Haunted by memories of another day

Another day when life was fun and not such a race

And, wonder if it was worth to be obsessed with a (futile) chase

So have fun in little pleasures

For they are the greatest treasures


Review of “Destiny Of Shattered Dreams”

“Itna Uncha udey ke laut ke na aa sakey,

Aasman choone ke aaib mein wapas jaa na sakey “

Flew so high that there was no coming back

In the desire to touch the skies could not return backIMG_20160802_115725My husband got “Destiny of Shattered Dreams” by Nilesh Rathod published by Rupa Books in a goodreads Giveaway.First Thanks to both Goodreads, Rupa books  and above all author Nilesh Rathod for such a fantastic, never losing grip book on today’s reality of the business world.

The author cleverly peels off layer after layer that covers the dirty games played out in the business world in the name of growth and profit and where the principles are abandoned, manipulative tactics take over. And Conscience goes for a toss. This is not rosy world of rags to riches story but a world filled with deceit and corrupted minds. Where wealth, fame and success are fought over. And rules Just don’t exist. And the author has made it into a gripping tale of Atul Malhotra an honest businessman to start with and his rise and downfall both morally and otherwise.

The front covers just wow. A compelling and must read. Would be waiting for his next one.