Chasing the Blue Sky -Will Lowry

A compelling beautiful story of a lovely dog that is left in a public shelter when his foster family abandons him. He is a courageous and friendly dog who learn from older dogs and helps the new dogs. All through the book the you root for him but Alas the truth is not always sweet. Written from the dog’s point of view it is heart wrenching story. This shows people adopt pets just for a momentary pleasure and then discard them as a unfeeling thing, a thing that has become useless but do not want to see that it is a living breathing life that has feelings and how traumatic it is for them.
This book makes a strong argument for “Adopt, Don’t Shop” I have only three things to say
1 Adopt pets only out of love and not for show or pride or momentary feeling
2 If you do do not abandon them, it is very traumatic for them, unless unavoidable
3 if unavoidable make alternate arrangements because as the author says in the end of the book “Despite the thankless heroic efforts of the devoted staff and volunteers, hundreds and thousands of dogs (not only in Us but all over the world) do not leave the shelter alive ”
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Timothy Mean and the Time Machine by William Ford

This book wanted me to be a kid again so that I could own it and show it to all my friends. Timothy Mean is a mischievous kid with a lot of imagination Young kids would love to be read to and the illustrations are just too good. I am sure kids of all ages including those kids only at heart like me would love this book. The rhyming lines add a nice touch that ring a nice tone when read aloud. The robot teachers, the flying cars, dinosaurs, parents as kids what a varied story and mischief of Timothy Mean a great spread for kids.

Thank You William for giving me the chance to review this book and become nostalgic.43617901

Target in the Sun – Lynda Filler

Target in the Sun is the story of older and married Mia and younger Carlos from different backgrounds and circumstances who meet one afternoon and their lives are intertwined since amidst the background of Mexico’s drug war within and with US and Cartels . The story starts with Mia reaching out to Lucia – a FBI agent that Carlos came across as a kid who emphatised with him when no one seemed to care about him for Carlos’ safety when crackdown on Mexican cartels happens and their infighting. The story has a good pace, how Carlos has a chance of making it good when he is adopted by Kathleen and the choices he makes, the lure of the homeland; to be accepted by his family as he was an illegitimate son of his father thus neither accepted by his mother’s or father’s family when his parents are killed by a family member until he joins the family trade of exporting drugs. Whether Mia succeeds in luring away forms the crux of the story.
though the story has a good pace, too many back and forths and descriptions make it a little boring in the middle but still I do not regret reading . It was worth the time .
I go this book as part of Book reriew of @BookTasters from the author

Death in Vermilion – Barbara Elle

A good Whodunnit novel. The novel starts with a murder and Leila who finds the body is obsessed with finding the murderer when there are no leads and so many suspects. The story is a little slow but progresses continuously. There are many suspects and man motives- greed, jealousy, anger, property, money. There are many subplots – but they in no way hinder the story in fact throw more suspicions and many secrets are uncovered. How Leila weaves through all these trappings and reaches the conclusion makes a good plot. Even Leila’s backstoty, failing marriage is also included that adds more colour to the story . In fact a good murder mystery.
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Incandescently – Sylvie Parizeau (Review)

Incandescently by Sylvie Parizeau is an extra sweet romantic book that one reads on an extra stressful and bad day. This is the story Liam and Eolie who though have never met before have a powerful connection which is lost and broken with time and try to believe in each other’s existence though the world makes them believe that each one is a figment of other’s imagination until they get connected again; otherwise they have noting to look forward to in their otherwise loveless existence, with Liam surviving an abusive mother and manipulative father and Eolie whose parents though did not hate or illtreat her but weren’t too good to her also.
Thrown into the story are Liam’s circle of friends who are with him all through. How they find each other and how they find happiness is the story. The first half builds the story to a great height but falls short in the second half but not too short.
Though I would loved more character development and more equations between the characters and more character building still it is worth a read
I received this book through @BookTasters from the author

Broken Code – Dr Ashish Rastogi (Review)

This medical thriller was a good and delightful read for me. The story shows how in today’s world something as innocuous as data can be used as a weapon and trigger a massive breakdown in today’s society.
The story progresses with Alisha as tries put together the clues along with Nick and Miguel and team and link unrelated murders and find out why data theft and hacking was taking place without any ransom demand. Also along the way Alisha and Nick have to resolve their differences and work out a way for their son Anmol and also find him after he is kidnapped.
The story has a good pace and there are not many dull moments in the story. The end is convincingly built and the personal backstory is nicely handled.
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily

Snowflake Obsidian – Sage Steadman (Review)

Snowflake Obsidian is a book by Sage Steadman that deals many issues that assail that today’s teenagers and sometimes adults too; Lack of self appreciation most common and most devastating leading to many other mental issues and self harm. Though Willow has many friends supposedly steady home life at first look; there are many issues lurking underneath and how Willow recognises them and deal with them on her own and with help from friends family and professionals and finally accepts herself forms the crux. The fact being you should be have the courage to recognise the truth and be ready to fight the odds.
Its a good motivating book for teenagers I received this book from the author via @BookTasters30969643

Taming Crazy – Alicya Perrault (Review)

Everyone has felt anxiety or needless worry one time or other in varying degrees. This book deals with the paralysing depressive kind anxiety that consumes one so completely that it seems that it seems there is no hope or light. Told in a light humour, Alicya tells this tale of her journey of life living with crippling anxiety, depression and OCD all her life and humoursly tells the ways she tries to overcome this instead of just succumbing and making her and those around her unhappy.
This book is not only for those suffering from any of these but is for everyone . She also tells how first to acknowledge first and then seek help and support not necessarily from experts but from family and friends ; and then have the courage to let go of life long labels worries and anxieties because what is to happen will happen; Why to worry before and maybe it won’t happen For a normal per son this is easy and not noticeable but for a person with anxiety issues along with depression becomes an huge and almost impossible task just imagining the “What if” scenarios. So Alicya tries to help herself overcome and just live life.
I received this book from the author through @BookTasters40510250

A Woman’s Fear – Caesar Rondina (Review)

I won’t say that i loved this book because the stories that this book tells is to shake you, anger you and make you sad that this happens in this so called progressive world but not to be loved. The book is written without any sugar coating or polishing but real stories that the author has heard or been part of in his line of work.
The author not only tells the stories with great sensitivity also warns and deals extensively with how to recognise signs of abuse, danger and tells to always believe in a sense of self preservation and trust the instincts rather bow down to ridicule
Its a book that every woman, parent must read
The only shortcoming is that the book requires editing as there are some grammatical and spelling errors but these are over shadowed by the topic
I received this as part of review from the author through @BookTasters

The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers – Scott Spotson (Review)

I downloaded this book because of the blurb and really loved it . The story is good and the twists in the plot are great. Its a book that intrigues, raises questions and keeps going through till you reach the end.
The story starts with Brandon Chambers seeing a strange sight that nobody else sees and goes through many twists and turn as Brandon tries to understand what is actually happening to him also solve the mystery of his missing parents and the actual perpetrators of the catastrophe his father is accused of ; to reach a end which can interpreted as happy or sad depending on the perspective.
Some portions of the book are a little confusing but still it is a very good read. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.