The Sunday Book Club

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”

Yes that is true in my case. Reading has been my passion since I was 11 when a friend gifted me a Secret Seven mystery book. the pleasure of reading is enhanced if one has someone to discuss it with. This joy is provided by The Sunday Book Club @TSBC- a virtual book club on twitter which exists only for the motive of spreading the joy of reading to one and all. The highlight is the weekly sunday chat that takes place  tween 3-4 PM where everything from genres to latest books to bedtime reads and why read at all is discussed with gusto and their  7000 and above followers wait for the announcement of topic to be discussed. The founders Sudha Ganapathi and Raghav Modi keep the excitement and expectations up with various hashtags, polls and sometimes quizzes throughout the week and there are giveaways too sometimes..of course books.

TSBC has been there for four years – a event they celebrated recently by collaborating with publishers like Aleph Books, Bloomsbury etc and many beautiful giveaways. Another exciting hashtag is the #TSBCpassitforward where a selected book is read and passed on to the next reader requesting it and asked to comment and also say where you are from to track where the book has travelled. Then there is #TSBCwedreads and #TSBC1book1auhtor where  you can get very good recommendations on what to read next.

If you are a book lover or have the passion of reading @TSBC is the place to be there. They have made Twitter the most joyous place for me to visit.

Salutations to both the founders for keeping it running and exciting for past four years through their busy schedules (though they have never met).

Discover Challenge: Radical Authenticity

via Discover Challenge: Radical Authenticity

What is authenticity ? I ask ? In today’s world of fake personas and fake accents and fake rituals..authenticity has gone for a hike

Most persons these days wear a mask  and not one but numerous to suit the gain they want or need or occasion, that sometimes they themselves lose what they actually are.

Just an example Everyone wants their kids to be honest, brave and upright citizen. But what about setting a role model. Have you never asked your children to lie for you or have you been brave enough to stand up against injustice or prejudice towards your your fellowman and lets not talk about citizen, Everyone wants their rights but the duties to be fulfilled. Here what you actually are and what you preach is completely different.

Just be honest to  yourself, to your kids and see how authentic peace happiness follows youauthen

Discover Challenge: Animal


The best reference one could ever get..No deceit no bribe Just Plain truth

via Discover Challenge: Animal

Its true Animals are the best character reference a person can get..

They for the love u give them even if a little bit.

I remember on my 8th birthday, My Father had brought a one year old Spitz. My brother named him Don. He was with us for 1 and a half year and then we had to sent it to my grandparents’ bigger house in another city,

But whenever we visited my grandparents, he would know when we were arriving and meet us at the gate welcoming us, and on seeing us going crazy with happiness, even if we visited after a long gap he would never forget us

Thats how dogs are.

I really miss them as my husband and mother in law are not so enthusiasts so I dont have the heart to adopt.