Kshanabhangur (Evanescent )


Evanescent in Hindi is Kshanabhangur (Kshana means moment and Bhangur means destructible)

I have found that everything in life is not permanent ..somethings are evanescent and others linger for sometime and then…whooosh just gone.

What remains is what we make of those moments,,the memories we retain..of our children’s growing up, of our parents and grandparents growing old and them some of the loved ones passing away ,,where..

If we try..the beauty of those moments can enrich our life

Like this flat beans flowers  and the chocolava cake baked by my daughters which made cry happy tears on realising they had grown up

IMG_20170121_1604112014-06-15 16.53.40

Then there is this beautiful moment while on a trip to Mcleodganj