Girl with the Rose Tattoo – Larry Weiss

Girl With the Rose Tattoo by Larry Weiss is a gusty Coming of age story of a punk girl who has a rose tattoo at the nape of her neck to feel close to Mary Magdalene not for religious reasons but for spiritual as a priest had told her that rose represented Mary reminded people not to judge external appearances and also gets a lotus tattoo inked on her forearm to remind how The Lotus rises above the murky surroundings to spread beauty and catch everyone’s eye. With courage and determination she not only changes her life but also brings peace and happiness to those around her just like a pristine lotus and like Mary that is represented by the rose gets rid of inner and outer demons that try to bind her drag her her down. I would have preferred that the language was a little toned down though initially the story has biker gang characters but still a great read.

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