Blue Sun – Michael R Lane (Book Review)

I’ve Just finished the book “Blue Sun” by Michael R Lane and I’d say it was worth the time.

Though in the initial pages it was slow to build up the part but then suddenly I was like “WOW” it escalated fast and what was a simple case became deadly; This book makes you double think and then think again and makes for good riveting read

This book has all the right ingredients for a blockbuster.

A Dash of Flash – Millie Thom (Book Review)

A must read for every reader. And if someone is not, after reading this they will become readers. A Dash of Flash by Millie Thom is a great collection of short stories and for readers like who crave short stories its a treasure. I love short stories over long winded plots. In fact its the mark of a great master of words , to say the complete story in a few words. But sadly there are not enough great short story collections. This book has greatly satisfied my craving and made me hungry for more.

The stories are a mix of horror/supernatural, fairytale, historical, romance, mystery, humour and all the flavours are nicely blended to give a perfect collection. A great collection from a master storyteller this book is a joy to read . I recommend it as a must read.

Looking For Will – Jane Collins-Phillipe

I have recently read “Looking for Will” by Jane Collins-Phillippe. I would say Looking for Will this book is for those leisurely days with a cup pf coffee/tea and not for a fast read. In this book not only the mother’s guilt trip is described whether she could have done something different to avoid but also shows the mentality and perspective of the alleged kidnappers and why they did what they have supposed to have done.
What I liked in this book was that the characters were neither heroes nor demons but all humans with human weaknesses and self needs.
Though some of the backstories of minor characters were very descriptive and long and also the landscape descriptions. But overall I would recommend it for a read.

Stone Cold – James C Glass (Book Review)

I have read a detective series with a female lead after a long time and I was not disappointed . Though it is not a edge of the seat thriller but still is a very good read. The backstory of the lead detective is not a hindrance to the story but rather builds it up. Here the hero detectives are not cold fearless robots perfect with no flaws but very human with emotions flaws and fears with anxiety issues.
The best thing I liked about this book was that it not lengthy with long descriptions but short crisp and nicely paced. Waiting more for Rebecca Watson?