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Shared Journeys

A Journey is lovely or worse what you make of it, be it holiday leisure journey, work related or the most important journey of life.

Yes there are bad ones and good ones . Make good ones memorable and bad ones adventures and if these are shared journeys with family and/or friends they become just awesome long picnics. Especially the journey of life with its unpredictable twists and turns shared with loved ones becomes pleasurable and beautiful even on bad turns. Alone it becomes a burden.

 In my opinion a shared journey is the best journey of all.

All you need is

someone to share the good and the bad; An ear to listen to our hopes and dreams; A voice of moderation when you go extremes; A shoulder to cry on ; A encouraging word when you feel down;


Daily Prompt Carefree





Dancing in the rain one of the most carefree and cherished moment of childhood























Things we leave behind


In midst of daily strife 

we leave behind life

there were times when a paper boat was enough to travel the world

now even the sky is not enough

then we had castles and forts and armies

now we are running to always have a better house

Then mom was an angel and dad was santa

Now I don't even know how they are

cause its some days since I had time for them

I still remember the days

When I  tore pages from by new notebook to raise my fleet

Then getting scolded by Mother when demanding a new notebook

I still remember quarelling with my bro/sis for petty things

then calling for them when I had a new news to share

The brother is still here and even the sister

but the time to tease, sulk and then placate and play

has been left behind

In midst of the strife

thats called life

Everything seems the same 
yet alls changed
and then someone questions
"why every one seems so harried or vexed"



The Things We Leave Behind

Unpredictable Life musings



One thing that is true is that “The most certain thing about life is  its unpredictability”. So never take it for granted. Remember

If it were predictable then it would be routine and boring and we would be robots.  Its beauty is because its unpredictable. So be prepared


Sometimes the unexpected change may be  painful or devastating but as long as you  have the drive to live life to the fullest you shall do fine.

Ultimately remember



Confucius had said that “To know what is right  and not do it is the worst cowardice ” and I believe it. Inaction is a kind of cowardice that most of us are guilty of.

That may be due to fear of our safety or our loved ones or the repercussions imagined.

There is another excuse for this type of cowardice these days — Mobile phones.
Previously when ever there was a fight, injustice or harassment happening someone would try to stop it. Now there is a competition as to who would be the bravest of them all to post it first. Please…
These people love to make clips of the suffering even in the face of an accident that could be prevented by their intervention. Instead they are busy recording in case they miss it.
A girl fighting being harassed and eve teased or a kid being bullied would appreciate the help immediately instead of being posted online so the culprits are identified later. Just a shout would help them instead of being filmed ass the ones torturing/harassing them are far worse cowardscowardice-is-the-mother-of-cruelty-quote-1



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Look Up

Look Up

Busy Busy always busy
Doing nothing but so busy
Nothing so important nothing so urgent
yet so busy
on the phone on the tab
or on the laptop
always busy

or peering behind lens of camera
missing all beauty that passes us
making life so busy

Just look up once just for a moment
keep aside all those toys
for once just don’t be busy

see the beauty around you
all that the world’s got for you
maybe then you wont feel so busy