Fortunes of Blood by V M Tackett

Fortunes of Blood is an action packed fast paced thriller from start to finish like a Schwarzennegger or a Statham movie. Never a dull moment in the entire story.
The story starts with Thomas Briggs an ex FBI agent now an mercenary for hire, searching for his partner and best friend’s killer and soon the plot thickens gets a job to rescue a kidnapped young girl.
The job which seems straight forward soon becomes dangerous with both authorities and mafia gunning for him as well as to continue n the leads to find his friend’s killers. Along the way he also falls for the rescued girl. He is conflicted as he doesn’t know whom to trust with betrayal and corruption dogging his feet, his race to save his life and the girl’s as well as revenge his friend’s death becomes a hard task
He does it all but how he does it and whether he comes out unscathed makes for a spell binding edge of seat thriller Eagerly waiting for second book as in the end there is a hint for it.
Thank you V M Tackett and @BookTasters for this great book43372544

Hit Me by Peter J Thompson

A good thriller for a lazy rainy afternoon. Charley is a loving family man who on the front is a free lance consultant . The twist being though, he is an assassin for hire , who did not choose the profession rather the profession chose him as his father introduced him to this at an early age of 6. He is good , secretive and elusive at his work, the problem arises when he receives his next hit details : himself. Now he has to trace back to find out who has ordered the hit , which is difficult as he never came in direct contact with his employers or clients. He has to race against time to find out the details and uncover secrets long buried to save not only himself but also to keep his family unaware and safe.

The plot is impressive : an assassin hired to kill himself. The pace never falters, not too many characters or twits or situations to confuse. I wanted to finish this non stop. It was such a compelling story and the ending is a surprise. Though the only shortfall for me was the reason for the hit . I expected more. But still it is very much worth the time and effort.

I received this book from @BookSirens to review voluntarily and loved it

Heart of a Warrior Angel : From Darkness to Light by Lali A Love

A spiritual but a powerful story is this book by Lali A love I received the ARC from the author through @BookTasters. Once I started reading I could not put it down and finished it in a day reading quiet late into night as the story was riveting and enthralling.
Though I found it a little too much spiritual and still I couldn’t resist giving 5 stars to the story of Lilac who overcomes horrific abuse from her father to the happy forgiving still sometimes traumatised woman. The story starts with Lilac ,in her twilight years, reflecting on her life so far, confronts her suppressed traumatic and abusive past and lays bare her soul and how she comes to terms and finds peace and happiness not only for herself but also for her mother and sisters who travelled the same path. Though in the start horrific abuse is described in detail, how the evil is manifested by generations of abuse and cruelty. But still this is not a story of losing to darkness and evil but enlightening tale of how the circle is broken to find salvation forms the crux
The quotes at the start of chapter, awesome cover all make for a great book.
Thanks Lali for this powerful book

The Taking of Peggy Martin – Karen Glista

I was confused to give 2 stars or 5 stars to this book sent to me by the author through @BookTasters then I settled for 3 stars.
5 stars for a fast paced story that starts a murder mystery of the main character Peggy Martin’s husband Danny and then turns to horror, science fiction, bizarre and supernatural in turns. This is an eclectic mix of all the elements but still is worth a read.
The story follows Peggy Martin – a lonely recently widowed nurse who works at a mental asylum and has trouble sleeping having nightmares that sometimes blur the line between reality and dreams. Soon her life unravels when some bizarre things happen at the place she works . How she faces all these situations and unravels the mystery around her husband’s death and also hfigures out who actually are her friends forms the crux of the story.
Though the story was good and fast paced, there were some confusing mixes and blood and gore was too much towards the end and also the entire book was a little too religious for me. But still the story has its own merits as the plot is interesting and gripping.

The Family of Blackbirds and Other Stories -Chika Echebiri

Thank you @Booktasters and Chika Echebiri for this lovely book
This book has 5 simple and lovely stories for the kids that have a moral at the end without being preachy. No lengthy descriptions, no complex characters but beautiful stories that children would love to read or be read to. This book is not only for children but for adults too to read with their kids or students or wards.
In fact the stories would encourage even non reader kids to take to reading. Each story is different and has a moral the end. The beauty of the stories is that they give lessons without lecturing. I have simply loved this book and would have liked to read it to my daughters had they not been over 18.
A must read book for kids and also for adults alike.

A Wedding in the Family – Annette Byford

I was drawn to this book as a mother of 2 daughters- 24 and 18. This book through mostly describes western weddings, the conflicts and the tensions and the feelings and emotions described are universal and that is what makes this book a worth read. he only difference between Indian and Western weddings is that in Indian weddings the bride and the groom have to be just there to get married, rest all is arranged, paid and decided by the families of both sides hence described as wedding of the families as Annette puts it in words.
But the emotions, feelings of loss and gain, feeling left out, scared that mothers fell is common to all. All these emotions and much more is put into right words by the author.
A good read.