Toludine Blue – Evelyne Margaux Keating & Roxanne Shoenfeld

“Forensic Nurse Examiners…the search for evidence
…but science can only solve so much….”

An amazing awesome book that delves into the world of forensic science to not only solves crimes but also bring evidence against the perpetrators. Toludine blue is a dye used in forensics mainly assess the wounds and photograph them clearly for evidence. Though this book is fiction but draws insipirations from true cases especially sexual assault. The authors clearly delve into the behind the curtains world of forensic nurse examiners who play a major role in convicting the accused.
The book is written in a style that beats the any detective novel or a crime fighting book. In fact I would love to see this book made into a tv series.
The is never boring and is gut wrenching and is thought provoking a the amount of evil that lurks in some people but also shows equal compassion in other people. There is a thought proving line which made me think
“It’s nurses, police, firemen, and medics; we are the only ones that run towards danger when everyone else is either ignoring it or running away”
and it is true.
I would recommend this book not only to detective novel fans but also to medical books fans . Yes it is a crime thriller with a difference.
Thanks @BookTasters and the authors for this book.One of the very few books that I read in one sitting

Trailer Trash : An 80’s Memoir by Angie Cavallari

Never use the word “Trailer” due to its negative connotations but Mobile Home says Angie Cavallari in her book . This is a memoir of her days in the trailer part in the 80’s in her formative years where her parents were the owners of a trailer park or rather a mobile home park and the mark they left on her. This story is self deprecating, humourous, a little sarcastic, but never judging or insulting the tenants who lived there. In fact the descriptions and life of the tenants are with a tongue in cheek humour though sometimes evicting the tenants turned violent and many a times police were involved as most of them were low income people without families, social rejects, drunkards etc. But the memoir is never judgemental nor the author seeks sympathy but just states facts as they were or as she experienced with her untypical Grandparents, a little harsh mother and father who was temperamental.
It is a fun light read that one can enjoy not the life seeking answers kind of memoir.
Thank you author and @Booktasters for this book41329615._SY475_

Picturesque Aromas of Thought Alleys – Anusha Sridharan

Picturesque Aromas of Thought Alleys by Anusha Sridharan – I receives this book from the author for a review and I thank her for it. It is beautiful collection of her innermost thoughts in form of poems that are expressive, impressive and full of emotions.
Though a few words are difficult to understand, may require a dictionary but still I recommend it to all poetry fans and also to others, because once you start reading you won’t stop anand become a poetry fan.
Beautiful Anusha. Looking forward to more of your books

The James Bond Gold – Theophil Hirshman S G Reilly

This short book is the story of an operation by the superspy on whose character is rumoured to be the muse behind the iconic “James Bond” created by Ian Fleming and is also co authored by the said person S G Reilly
It is an interesting report, full of intrigue story. But warning there are none of the dramatics associated with the character but a supposedly honest account of the said operation when the documents were disclassified.
A very interesting read for all James Bond Fans like me.
Thanks @BookTasters for this great book36646905._SX318_.jpg

Hard Tears Soft Laughter – James William Lauder

Hard Tears Soft Laughter by James William Lauder is the author’s father’s story when he was captured by the Nazis in the disastrous Dieppe raid. The story traces this POW’s journey from his capture to freedom and all the encounters and events that unfold during these times and also the relationships that formed and friendships forged during these forced circumstances. It is a poignant tale of survival, though the protagonist did not undergo the worst horrors that the Nazis dealt out but enough to last a lifetime. How these men learn to survive under the worst times and hoe they derive pleasure from simple joys and just survive day to day.
This is beautiful read.
Thanks @BookTasters and the author for introducing me to this book

A Predator and a Psychopath – Jay Kerk

A very dark gripping and hair rising psychological thriller. It is the story of two people . One is Jason accused of incest and killing his wife and daughter , his son missing; now committed to a mental institution with no recollection of the events and in a confused state . The other is Jerry – a psychopath, sociopath , voyeur and a paedophile . How their paths cross is the crux of the story.

The story is good, has lot of mystery. Also the buildup of the mystery and the pace is also good. Never a dull moment . This book is not for everyone only for those who have good digestion and strong hearts.

But still the ending for me was a big letdown with most of the questions unanswered. Maybe there is a sequel.

But those who like dark, mind thrillers it is a good book

Thanks Booksirens and Jay Kerk for this free book to review and leaving this review voluntarily

The Fish That Climbed a Tree – Kevin Ansbro

The Fish That Climbed a Tree by Kevin Ansbro- I was drawn to this book by its unusual title and the beautiful cover and I was not disappointed. The book is an unusual after life story and also a beautiful coming of age. After his Priest father and mother were brutally murdered, this is the story of Henry – an unpopular, rather podgy kid and his growing up not only physically but also in maturity and his deserved ending. In fact all the characters in story have a closure. How ? Just read the story. It is worth the time and trouble.
The story not only concludes for Henry but also the people who come and go in his life as well as his dead parents in their afterlife. The story shows how the choices we make not only in life but also after life affect not only us but those around.
The only shortcoming was brutality and violence was more than my taste, Otherwise it is a must read. The best thing is nowhere in description of afterlife it is shown or hinted that paradise in only for a particular religion but says paradise is for all good people and is what one chooses it to be.
Thank you Kevin and @BookTasters for the book

The Waking Dream – Sage Steadman

The Waking Dream is a poignant coming of age story of a group of teenagers from a small town. The conflicts, the decisions and trials and tribulations of life that the teenagers face is beautifully shown in the story. The decisions that they have to make whether to sacrifice their dreams for their parents sake or face new challenges is described with sensitivity.
The choices good or bad they and how it affects their own lives and those around them makes for a somewhat tragic, and somewhat hopeful story and gives the message that to go ahead and follow dreams with passion but also taking into note that you do not harm others on the way to fulfillment. Just don’t stop dreaming just to make parents or those around you happy, that could lead to tragic consequences.
Thank you @booktasters and Sage for this beautiful book