Money Power Love – Joss Sheldon (Review)

Set in 1800’s this book traces the story of three friends born within seconds of each other in neighbouring homes separated by tragedy and reunited again later and how they help each other . The three pursue different goals – money, power and love to be happy and this shapes their character. They are good or evil as their destinies lead them or circumstances force them. It is only when they accept their true self that they become satisfied and happy. This being the central theme, the story is interwoven through real historical events and beautifully blended. The rise of materialism, financial institutions / banking, the manipulations of the simple folk and fall of brotherhood and neighbourly interactions leading to the chaos that the world is in today.
The story also chases the rise of colonialism and destruction of native culture and how to create greed where there is no sign of it. Though there are some stereotypes and clichés which could have been avoided (hence have given 3 stars otherwise this books deserves more) , still it is a great story if read as a satire. Once started reading could not put down and was a good read from the word go. Would recommend it certainly

A Police Action – A A Freda (Review)

A Police Action by A A Freda is a love story set admidst the Vietnam War that no one wants to acknowledge A Police Story As the hero James Coppi calls it. But it is not for those who want a typical Mills and Boons romance, it is real down to earth story of two individuals and their growth as their love grows. Neither it is a war story about the horrors of war nor paints a rosy picture of the military life but presents as it is where soldiers have to look out for themselves and bonds they make and pay for the incompetency of some idiotic and delusional in-charges
When I started the book I did not know what it would be about and after a few chapters felt whether I would finish it as the story felt a little slag but the story progressed I had to just finish it and could not put down even when my eyes just couldn’t remain open. I just had to know What happened to Sam and James?
After finishing the book I am still wondering about the other minor characters in the book whether they survived the war, returned to their families even though I know this is fiction. This was how real it was in the second half. A good read indeed .

A Rubber Face with a Stripper’s Name by Katja Berg (Review)

A Rubber Face with a Stripper’s Name by Katja Berg is a heartfelt account of a single mother and her struggles to just be part of the game of life(though the title is little misleading but you will understand when you read the book).Though she has a good support system of her loving parents and a few loyal friends she still has to struggle to always justify herself and just live on. With the society and people always judging, its always a struggle to always to go on with a smile just for the kids’ sake. Its an inspiring tale of courage, heartbreak, betrayal and love. This book shows that there is hope always if you do not break down like light at the end of tunnel.
Though overall it was a good tale, sometimes the emotional was too much and become over sentimental so felt hard to connect but those moments were rare.

But totally worth reading and especially for those who need a push or are too overwhelmed by circumstances.

Set Free – Anthony Bidulka (Review)

Thank you @Booktasters and Anthony Bidulka for this book.

An unputdownable book.In the beginning I was ready to abandon the book not even halfway but somehow I couldn’t put it down, and continued; and I am happy that I did (though I’ve never left a book halfread) but here something about the plot compelled me to read. The book starts with a kidnapping and the story of the main character also starts with a kidnapping. Both kidnappings are for a different reason but egg you to find out “What Next” Though the repeated past and present in the first half was a little frustrating but it makes sense in the end. And the the friend/journalist reminds me of the James Bond Villain Carver of “Tomorrow never dies”
I have given this book 5 stars only for the chapters / novel “Truth Be Told” These chapters just turn the whole plot around and have different tone than the rest of the book. Though the ending leaves you to wonder but still a very good read.
I am now starting if ever there is a sequel to this book what would it reveal? Only Jaspar or Anthony Bidulka know

Book Review “Of Aakash and Aarti” Dr Govind Sharma

“Of Aakash and Aarti ” by Dr Govind Sharma looks like a simple love story because of its title but it is far beyond that. Though Aakash and Aarti are attracted to each other and in their own ways care for each other their paths quite different.

This book lays bare the horrors of drug addiction without any soft approach and puts the hard facts and how your choices in life are affected due to it are shown without any sympathy. This book doesn’t preach or give moral lessons but lays bare the hard facts. Along with the horrors of drug addiction also are shown the results of immoral and blind ambition which lead to disastrous consequences. This book also sheds light on the life of the rich and famous.

This is a simple story of addiction, immoral choices and greed and the consequences of it. And I would recommend it to every one. The story is simple but hard hitting and makes one who is contemplating trying drugs to think ten times before submitting to the notion “I can quit whenever I want. I am not going to be an addict because its only recreational” and how it becomes addiction before one is aware of it and also to to hell with consequences ambition, how it never leads to the salvation you want but rather drags you to the destruction of your self with it. Also showcases the supposedly happy and heavenly lives of super rich. This book also tells that every action never escapes its result. Just for example the pious and moral Rajeswari devi, how one mistake in her life leads to her death.
Kudos to the author for not softlining. Way to go Dr Govind Sharma.