Shiri by D S Taylor

This Historical fiction deserves more than 5 stars. The book with an unusual name (is also the name of of the main character) with an unusual plot is a emotional captivating tale of love, betrayal, revenge, sacrifice. The characters are well developed; though there are many characters in the story but they do not overcrowd but take the story forward.

This is the story of Shiri from her childhood to the mother of a young daughter. Her story starts when she loses her parents to tyranny at a very young age and swears revenge . Her quest for revenge leads her to meet the prince of her dreams – a real prince but circumstances lead her to be near him but cannot be with him and forces him to marry another woman and she has to become a slave to the prince, his wife and ultimately her daughter who she is forced to give up. How she overcomes her destiny whether she unites with the prince and her daughter and if her quest for revenge is fulfilled forms the crux of the story

This story of love, betrayal, sacrifice binds the reader from the word go. It is a must read Thank you @booktasters and D S Taylor for this awesome story

The Screaming Skull – Rick Ferguson

The story starts with ongoing preparations of the 65th birthday celebrations of the hero (who is predicted to live till 130 when he will die on the toilet) – an event which will be attended by his best friends and co adventurers and remembers the times with them and thinks “When I finally get them all together,I’m going to kill every last one of them.” With this cryptic remark the story delves into adventure and fantasy . The story moves fast (too fast for me) Fans of fantastical adventures will love it th0ugh, I did not love it so much , Then I am not a very big fan of Game of thrones and haven’t yet finished Lord of the Rings. For me main shortcomings were the novel is too long, moves too fast, has too many characters and incidents and moves too many times back and forth to form a real connection. And of course the ending is a little abrupt owing to the fact that it is Volume 1.

The first time I tried to read, I couldn’t finish it but when I couldn’t stop thinking about it too. Only thing this that reading this requires patience. When I started reading again with great concentration it made an impact on me. I got this book from the author through @booktasters42600666.jpg

The Red Grouse Tales – Leslie W P Garland

4 intriguing with a touch of supernatural having religious and moral undertones are told when some friends meet at a pub and each one tells a tale every time they meet. The flow of the stories is good with each story different from the other like the first one “The Little Dog” is about reribution and “The Golden Tup” is about a dark evil force that manifests a place. The White Hart has a bit of golden hope and The Crow is about a politician.
Each story feels connected yet so different and make a good read for fans of short stories, mystery and supernatural.
The only shortcoming I felt was one or 2 stories had a overload of religious sentiments and biblical teachings and quotes which can a little off putting for other readers. Also some descriptions and sentences were too heavy in such a light read that they distract from the story’s flow
Apart from this small issue the book is great read. Thank you Leslie Garland and @Booktasters for the chance to read this book28571709

Parallax True Crime Tales – Lance J Lo Russo

There are 5 short stories in this book; each one unique , situations that cops face at one time or other in their line of duty. Situations that require determination, presence of mind, strength both emotional and sometimes physical, grit etc. Some of these are life threatening too, some may not make it back and other times lose their fellow officers and the resulting guilt trip that almost destroys them.
The author just tells these stories in an honest manner without any sugar coating and the real dangers that they face.
This book is better than any fictional cop/detective story. It has mystery, drama, emotion, romance everything that a story has. The characters are are relatable, stories gripping once you start, cannot stop without ending the story, witha emotional seasoning too. Thank you for this book @Booksirens and also a big thanks to the author.
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Luck and Loose Ends – Ryan Hodge

Confused between 3 stars or 5 stars for this book
Luck and Loose Ends by Ryan Hodge is a new kind of fiction book where there is no too much descriptive science gadgets or some futuristic travel. Of course it is a adventure and travel story but different kind and it is fresh. The protagonist a professional thief /bandit whatever you call travels to newly discovered new worlds and faces new hitherto unknown dangers to make his fortune and how he comes out a hero and also meets his match a girl – not the typical damsel in distress but a woman thief like himself and equally bold if not more.
The story is fresh and good paced through starting is a little slow. Once both the protagonists meet the story moves at a good pace. I liked the part that there are not too many characters heroic or villians that complicate.
But would have liked a little backstory of the characters and the new world, lack of which creates a ltitle confusion. Also there are many loose ends in the story which are left dangling adding to the confusion.That is why I gave 3 stars, otherwise for a enjoyable story, it deserves 5 stars
Received this book from the author via @BookTasters
Though I rarely read these kind of books, The cover attracted me to this book. It is a beautiful cover
Despite the minor shortcomings I enjoyed the book .