The Modi Factor – An enigma (Divider in Chief or Uniter in Chief ???!!!

Modi Bhakt or a Modi Basher, hater or admirer one thing is to be noted, How a common man has emerged as one the most powerful leaders Independent Indian political scene has seen.
This elections have been long, weary and we’ve seen campaigning that seems to have touched the lowest levels of decency in the 70+ years of independent India by overzealous followers of losers and winners. But what is amazing is the factor is the rise of a leader who is not from the elite circles or noble birth or political family but a person from the masses , who started as a party member but rose through the ranks and became not only the Prime Minister a second time but emerged the only leader with no alternative. The BJP under Narendra Modi’s leadership is single largest party that won absolute majority after almost 48 years in the current Lok Sabha.
Who would have thought a simple man with humble origins would be the undisputed leader one who has become the identity of the party rather than the party being his identity.
Even when Mr Modi was appointed chief minister of Gujarat in 2001, No one could have predicted this meteoric rise of this enigma to be the undisputed leader in just few years. Love him hate him but hats off to him is justified. Being labelled the Leaer who has unifie India like no other from Divider in Chief- Even international media has been forced to change their stance. A man who was avoided to being embraced like a brother by international community is no mean feat – that too without any lobbying.
People allege cheating but on such a large scale when each step is being scrutinised . And cheating makes only a difference of 2-4% and not on this large scale.
Hate him or love him He is here to stay for next 5 years and more


Go Ahead You’re Home – Tirzah Libert

Go Ahead, You’re Home by Tirzah Libert is an inspiring autobiographical account of a single mother overcoming obstacles and being successful at home and career.
Though Tirzah was rarely homeless and starving but still she had to face many obstacles in becoming independent especially after being divorced in middle age from a husband who was habituated to drugs. Though her husband, when he has off drugs; was a good man who supported her always and gave her more than she had or wished, his drugs habit created an tense and unsafe atmosphere for her and the kids, where people of all sorts came calling to ask money. This emotional struggle of a wife whether to continue or break off such a relationship which is so good when he takes a break from drugs and the tensions created when he veers off is nicely put forward.

The only thing I did not like was there was like the religious intones of the narrative in the mid chapters, where unconsciously one gets the message that only Christians in this world are moral and good people. I do not say that the author has written such words but subconsciously this message comes across.
The start of the book is good but in the mid, the story seems repetitive and a little drag.

The chapters by Belladona and Froncois were good
Overall it is a nice read.
I got this book through @BookTasters from the author

To the Wild – Michael Parfitt

A beautiful travel book “To The Wild ” by Michael Parfitt. The book cover was what attracted me to this book. A painstakingly written detailed account of a 100 day road trip taken by a family of four l in to wild Africa accompanied by stunning photographs takes the reader along on the adventure. Bonus is the recipes and also at the end is the preparation and essential tools and equipment required for such a arduous but a thrilling trek. The camps that are good and hotels and camps to be avoided plus other problems they encounter are so ordinary that every reader will identify.
I loved the down to earth approach of the tale. the photographs and mouthwatering recipes make you want to experience immediately.
This is a must read book for any travel enthusiast or road trip wannabe and also others who cannot go but want to experience the wild and exotic Africa.45008310

Beast – Krishna Udaysankar

There is sometimes a book which when you read, you do not want the mundane things like the world interrupt you and get irritated when distracted. Beast by Krishna Udaysankar is one such book ; it has Fantasy,folk lore, thriller, Crime, Science, Fiction – all my fav genres in one story. I was fortunate to win this book from the author in a twitter chat conducted by @TSBookClub (The Sunday Book Club).
The entire book since a triple murder takes place to the end is fast paced but not too overwhelming story from start to finish. And each chapter builds the curiosity and what next feeling. There is never a dull moment in the entire story. Though there are many characters , there never is overcrowding or confusion, as each character lends a color,a hand to fill the gaps and lead the story forward. The intermingling of urban legends, mythology and science along with genetics makes an edge of the seat thriller that binds and grips you from the moment go.Anticipating a blockbuster movie from this book soon. Twitter_20190522_172048.jpg

SpineChillers – Q L Pearce

This collection of scary stories that are make you pause before going on a lonely path or a starnge supposedly haunted house or simply go out in the dark.
The first story is House on Beech Street , where a couple of teenagers decide to visit a supposedly haunted house before anyone else and what they bring back
The Night Crawler and sea worthy were ok
The 3rd story Hale Hollow woods was again very good with the spooky atmosphere, the dark woods, the lonely house and lights coming on and off
Another good story was Blackout with monsters out to get you in the dark and how they are destroyed
I loved the story Healer very much though not very scary but imagining the way it goes gave me the chills
and prom Date wa another good story where a ghost prank goes wrong
All in it was a good collection without the gore and body parts lying sround. Here fear was created by the atmosphere and the circumstance Loved the book
I received an advance review copy for free from BookSirens, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Now That We’re Alone – Nicholas Day

Now That We’re Alone by Nicholas Day is a collection 11 horror stories.
I picked this book I am a fan of spooky, psychological horror stories that are spine chilling and make hair stand but this book was not my cup of tea. This book is for those who love to read gory stories full of blood and and gore and and that make you want to hurl .
The best of the lot is the first one call it flash fiction or poem “That’s why Johnny’s in therapy” this one deserves a 5 star alone
Another better story was My unshaped Form and then Beast Mode in that order
but rest were ok maybe because I am not a fan of this genre or for me because they were confusing
I got this book @BookTasters

The Collection – G Edward Smith

First I am a great fan of Short stories / Flash Fiction but rarely I find that satisfy my craving. But few stories in this book really sates my hunger and then leaves you asking for more. The first story especially “A Strange Kind of Courage” looks like a simple plain story but just hits and jolts you in the last few lines and turns everything around.
The 8th story is also too good with an unexpected turn as well as the 6th story are just too good
The best is the 4th story has a twist that leaves you stunned and this story brings out the best of the book with such a great a plot twist in just couple of pages.
The collection has right amount of disgust, horror, disbelief and so many other emotions “What Just happened moments”
The rest of the stories are just ok
But this is a book that must be read for these stories I am going to read again
Thank you to the author and @BookTasters for this book

Max and Menna – Shauna Kelley

I received this book from the author via @BookTasters and finished it a day. It was so unputdownable and then debated for a day on rating it
A tragic coming of age tale of twins , their hopes, fears, family, friendship and their desire to escape from their horrible family life- missing father and alcoholic mother and their abused and infamous elder sister
The story is good. The way they cope with their situations in their childhood and their friendship with a native American and tragic consequences from the crux of the story.
If it so good , then why low rating.
1. The story though very good is a little slow
2. for the ending which I felt was too bad but maybe thats what real life is not always a happy ending But still it is a very good book and maybe sometime in future I will read it again and understand more. It is a story that remains in your mind even after finishing

Don’t Wake Up – Shauna Kelley

Don’t Wake Up by Shauna Kelley is the heart’s wish of Gillian for her comatose husband which may or may not be her fault and when he wakes up after a long time and doesn’t remember their marriage, she creates an alternate realty the way she imagined her life should be. The conflict she feels for this continuous lying and inner conflict are the most important part of the story.
This story is an intriguing take on the complexity of expectations from relationships and heartburns caused when they fall short and how it affects mentally and emotionally. It is mainly Gilly’s story from her childhood and told from her perspective, her inner conflicts, her arguments with herself and her disappointments and her hopes.
The only shortcoming was we are given only Gilly’s perceived husband’s emotional cruelty and infidelity, Whether it is Gilly’s imagination or real is never made clear. But still it is a very good read
Thanks Shauna and @Booktasters for this beautiful read

Spider’s Web – Shannon Condon

I receive this book from the author through @BookTasters.
This is the 3rd book in a series and i requested this book as its blurb was quite gripping and also the book did not disappoint. Though it seems unbelievable that all worst things unimaginable happen to the Maggie but the author portrays in such a way that it intrigues and forma a part of a gripping emotional tale. My only peeve after completing this book was a little background info would have been great without giving spoilers for previous books
I am writing this review only after also reading Magdalena #2 The Brotherhood as reading this book made me desperately want to read the prequels .
This series is a must read for thriller lovers as it is fast, gripping and also as emotional turns.