Energy Dependence Day – Christian F Burton (Review)

Energy Dependence Day by Christian F Burton- I received this book through @BookTasters from the author. First the good points
1. fast paced 2 riveting 3 feasible 4 not the always tried tired formula of all terrorists are born evil and America is the only country that can eradicate 5 The characters have depth and reason to do what they do but also are conflicted about their decisions
I really enjoyed this fast paced book . The author neither takes sides nor justifies anybody’s action just presents a picture how terrorists are made, what drives them, their regrets, their sorrows as well as how the law agencies work and that their men are also human and not super heroes prone to making mistakes and how like the terrorists follow their instinct. The author also presents the women liberation movement in the middle east and also corruption and the oppression by those in power in the Middle east as well as the Western powers and capitalists
The only flaw in this book is that it has too many stories and characters merging and mingling but I still give the book 5 star as this flaw also lends credibility to the story


Review of In the Image of Man by Mark Long

In the Image of Man by Mark Long is a humourous short novel which tracks the journey of a small God from birth to gaining full power and creating miracles. What I loved about this book is that it neither glorifies nor trashes any religion or God but just that a god is about his believers and not blind faith or superstitions, its just about humanity and helping each other.
The story is lovely, thought provoking a little moralastic, just funny, all in right places and not over done thought the humour content is not side splitting kind but just good feeling kind. This is a book that curl up with a cup of tea/ coffee with a blanket on a wintry day . In short its a must read

Review of Perchance Inn by Kirk McCall

Perchance Inn by Kirk McCall – is a short collection of supernatural or paranormal story about lost dreams and missed chances coming to fulfillment. I read this in one go.
The stories are different from others in this genre in the sense that they are not normal slasher/ghost haunting stories. A couple looking for a venue to get married chance upon an ancient inn and their caretaker couple. The inn has many antiques and each artifact has its own spooky/tragic story. The start of story and development make you curious and compel you to read more to know the history and tale of every relic that is there.
The only thing I found wanting in this book was the feel on the nerves, the scared feel that have when you read these books, the feel that someone is behind you – that feel is missing One more thing I missed is the story of the inn itself and the story of the caretakers. I really would love a sequel on that.
Got this book from the author through @BookTasters
Though the scary feel is missing it still is a hard to put down book in that I would give 5 stars.In the caliber of romantically haunted, it is a very good book

Book Review of World’s Fastest Surgeon – Jim Lowe

Received this book through @BookTasters from the author. This is light autobiography of a successful neurosurgeon who is also a accomplished racer.
Through I am not a very big fan of racing, but I love medical books fiction and nonfiction and also shows. That’s what intrigued what’s a surgeon doing on the racing circuit and I was not disappointed. Its a not self boasting book but an simple story of facing struggles, overcoming bullying and coming on top. He shows that with determination, grit and perseverance, all is possible. also a balance can be maintained between hobby, chosen profession and family life, if you want it and have the heart to take necessary risks.
The book is a fun read not a boring preaching account but also motivates. The only flaw I found was some anecdotes and parts were too long and descriptive with unnecessary details otherwise it a very good read

Review of Rwanda by Susan Thomson


I read this non fiction book through @BookTasters

“Throughout Rwandan history, winner-take-all politics has been culturally rooted in a system of dominance of the ruling group over the rest of society”

This is a honest from the ground overview of the conflict in Rwanda-a nation ravaged by years of conflict, civil war and genocide and the mirage of peace and development of a modern nation it presents today. The author neither presents the official nor a a one sided story but tries to show both sides of the conflict from the view of the perpetrators and the victims, what circumstances led to such horrific events She not only talks about the past but also holds accountable the present fragile peace it presents today and how everyone the politicians, the international community and the powerful countries failed the common Rwandans

“Then and now, the majority of Rwandans are subject to the self-serving decisions of political elites—whether Tutsi or Hutu”

One of the best non fiction books i’ve read A must read

Review of Norman the Button by Michelle Olson

I received this book from the author to Review through @BookTasters. Cute as a Button is the perfect description of this book. This is the story of Norman who is currently feeling useless in his current job and tries changing his job. His selection of jobs and his assessment of his weaknesses and strengths, his realisation of his true worth makes for a wonderful read which both kids and their elders would enjoy. This story is as beautiful to read as to listen. Everyone with laugh, cry and become sad along with Norman’s journey.
I was hooked as soon as I saw the beautiful brightly illustrated cover and wanted to be a kid again. This book has everything that kids want beautiful bright pictures, a brief story, short sentences, and in the end self appreciation. I showed this book to my 6 six year old grandniece and 18 year old daughter and read to my 4 year old grand nephew and they all enjoyed thoroughly.
One of the best kids books I’ve come across. Loved it thoroughly and eager to know more of Norman’s view of things.A must read for kids and adults.


Mercury’s Son -Luke Hindmarsh (Review)

Mercury’s Son by Luke E T Hindmarsh is a dystopian/post-apocalyptic novel where sci-fiction meets murder mystery/detective novel. Though science fiction is not my favourite genre but still this book intrigued me.
Its a complex murder story where search for the murder leads to many twists and turns and the moderator (detective cum monitor) solving the murder gets caught in deceit, lies and and betrayal where he questions his whole life and beliefs. Along with him caught in this cycle is his sergeant cum assistant (a kind of robocop) and the readers get caught up as to who are the actual villains who devastated the earth.
Though the first half feels like science fiction mumbo-jumbo and a little convoluted and too long, the story makes sense and picks up speed in the second half.Though some places and some incidents look unnecessary and forced but still the books binds with its central plot and you feel eager to know the end.
The narrative was a bit confusing and I sometimes could not relate to the events and had to read the portion again but I think it’s overall, a very good book. Even I a non science-fiction fan could love it. Its a must read for all Asimov fans

Review of Reverend Dumb by Mike Scantlebury

I received this book through @BookTasters from the author for an honest review.
The story deals with a terrorist angle amidst the Brexit vote and European Football. The suspense and mystery angles were nicely developed. The corruption, the political and economic both is dealt with. The strong arm tactics of the one in power in world trade and how it benefits only the one with the power is also dealt with. The story was fast paced and there never was a dull moment in the entire plot.
The only shortcoming for me was that there was too much happening at once and sometimes the mind spun to correlate the incidents.I had to read it twice to understand what was happening. The backstories were also a shortfall. Another thing is to really enjoy this book you had to understand first the political scenario and the BREXIT.
This is a very good read for those who love some a fast paced whodunit and twist at the end.