via Photo Challenge: Repurpose

We may easily find ways to reuse something in our home and repurpose it, can’t  we do this in our own life


What  is purpose in life if it can’t be repurposed.  Like our old cans and boxes t shirts and toothbrushes be repurposed even our life can be

Repurposing your life ans having a look at the one you have, adding some goals and objectives, while being useful to the environment and the society around you. For this get rid of old baggage you’ve been carrying around for years. But just like that old piece of furniture you’ve refinished and made into a work of art, you’ll feel that same sense of pride and joy as you see a new life unfold before you





Lohri is a festival of the northern states espeacially Punjabis

This festival is traditionally associated with the harvest of the rabi crops

As anyone who has ever celebrated the festival in full fervour around the bonfire
would would tell you–gur rewri, peanuts and popcorns are the three edibles associated
with this festival
A bonfire is lit in the evening, known as Lohri. People perform folk dances like
bhangra and gidda on the beats of dhol (folk drum), along which they sing
traditional Lohri songs. The entire scene creates a perfect ambience for Lohri
celebrations. The songs are sometimes rhymed nonsensically and can be funny also

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via Daily Prompt: Someday

Never let worries reign supreme
even when troubles seem extreme
For they stay only a while 
so face them with a smile 

For someday I do not want to be sorry
wondering,  Oh why did I always worry
regretting Why didn't I take the time to live 
and enjoy the treasures life had to give.

Books 2016 list

1 The Vendor of Sweets  – RK Narayan             2 The World of Nagaraj – R K Narayan

3 The Girl in Blue – P G Wodehouse                  4 Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

5 The Mute Anklet – Radhika Nathan              6 The Human Factor – Graham Greene

7 The house I loved -Tatiana DRosnay             8 Three blind mice -ED Mcbain

9 Room -Emma Donoghue                                   10 To kill a mocking bird -Harper Lee

11 Skeleton Crew – Stephen King                         12 Santorini – Alistar Mclean

13 “All the Birds Singing”- Evie Wyld                14 Lost World – Arthur Conan Doyle

15 Midwinterblood – Marcus Sedgwik                16 Korma Kheer Kismet – Pamela Timms

17 Journey to the Hills and other stories – Divyaroop Bhatnagar

18 Scars Do Heal – Shilpa Menon                       19 The Curse of Damini – Debjani Mohanty

20 The Darkside-Tom Becker                              21 The mystery series -Enid Blyton

22 Punk Sunk Love – Dhirendra Tiwari             23 The Ribbon Trap – Shine Syamaladevi

24 Will Grayson Will Grayson – John Green and Davis Levithan

25 Queen of Kings – Maria Dahvana Headley

26 Cuckoo’s calling – Robert Galbraith ( J K Rowling)

27 The Righteous Men – Sam Bourne               28 The girl on the train – Paula Hawkins

29 (destiny of ) Shattered Dreams – Nilesh Rathod

30 DNA – Shikha Kaul                                          31 Six suspects – Vikas swarup

32 The suitable Inheritor – Pushpendra Mehta

33 The failure race – Chandrasekhar             34 Read 3:02 – Mainak Dhar

35 Quick Service – P G Wodehouse                  36 Second Spring – Sandhya Jane

37  The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini         38 And the Mountains Echoed – Khaled Hosseini

39 Us Conductors – Sean Michaels                40 The dead men stood together- Chris Priestley

41 Godaan – Premchand                                    42 Broken Jars, A Fistful Of Dreams and book

43 Kaliyug: The Secret Plot – B S Sarwagna kr

44 Franz Kafka Short Stories                             45 Animal Farm – George Orwell