Laundered Shirts look Better on Hangers by Jane Collins – Phillippe

Laundered Shirts look Better on Hangers by Jane Collins – Phillippe – A humorous dark at times,self deprecating in parts and dry wit majorly marks this tale.
When I received this book from the author through @BookTasters mI hadn’t expected that I would love it so much.
This is the tale of a not exactly downtrodden but browbeaten with no will of her own housewife Claudia who is manipulated by her cheating husband and evil sister. Whatever she wants in life since birth is taken away by her sister just for the heck of it even her beloved piano that belonged to her grandparents though her sister never plays it.Claudia thinks that the only power she has over her life is to end it and even she fails at that 3 times. She considers this fate and with help of her true friends and some eccentric people she meets she rebuilds her life, becomes financially independent and gets rid of her old life and builds a new one.
This is her story – how she rids herself of the cobwebs and finds her inner strength at an age where many people think life is over and gets back all that she truly desires forms the crux of the story.
The pace is slow ( It would have been better if the mental state and inner conflicts description wa a little less) but still this book is smile all the way through kind of story and laughing loud in some place. A must read. Don’t get put off by the Phone sex thing- It plays a very small but significant part in Claudia’s evolution.

The Minotaur’s Son and other stories – Kevin Ansbro

As a huge fan of flash fiction/short stories , this book exceeds my expectations. Each story belongs to a different category. All the masala is in there .
The first story about a young boy stuck in a limbo after drowning with a talking cat and a bat just intrigues you takes you in to a tunnel of wholesome enjoyment with each story spinning a web around you, There is a unrequited love story, a supernatural revenge story, genie’s 3 wishes with a twist, emotional story, love and reunion story and so goes on. Each story has an ending that seems unexpected but perfect.Then there is also a sad story that tugs your heart strings.
This book is a treat for all kinds of readers.
Thank you Kevin for this wonderful book


Plum Springs – Dan Lawton

A heartbreaking beautiful novel that I received from the author for a review. This is the story of 3 siblings and their strong bond amidst cruelty and abuse and how the circumstances force them to take difficult decisions to escape the abuse. A tender but harsh story of 2 very young brothers (13 and 9 I think) who would do anything it takes to see that their sensitive younger sister does not face the same fate of abuse that they have endured all their young lives and how everyone around failed them.
All through the story along with younger brother Rusty we wait for the secret door to open to the magical world of their Narnia.
They do find their version of this magical world along with another half sibling that they did not know about till now. This is their story.
The story is not fast paced but still keeps you bound and guessing as to what happens next. Once started it the book is difficult to put down.
Though there are some loose ends of which the most irritating is the enigmatic character of the Sheriff and some other minor flaws which loose their importance before the tender story.
A must read for evryone this great coming of age story

Family Affairs – Pamela Hobbs

Family affairs by Pamela Hobbs is a romantic thriller. It is a wonderful story that is set in Ireland. A famous actress fiance is murdered by her stalker supposedly , The pace of the story is good and the identity of the stalker keeps one guessing. Intervened in this tale of stalking, murder and supposed revenge is the love story between the actress and her adoptive family’s son.

How her adoptive family rallies around her and saves her from and the how she finds love that has been missing from her real family forms for a delicious read.Though there are graphic sex scenes that hamper the pace of the story a little but still it picks up pace and makes for a satisfying read

I received the from the author for a voluntary review through booksirens