The Last Witch – Sabina Gabrielli Carrara

This is my 3rd of Sabina Gabrielli Carrara’s books and I must say that I am still craving more of her books. Though initially it was a slow starter, the plot picked up pace very soon after a string of murders rocks a sleepy Irish town; pointing connection to an unsolved murder that happened 45 years prior. This story keeps the reader guessing till the last chapter.

The story also shows the fragility of a life based on lies and secrets and that they never remain hidden forever and crumble the fragile false reality built on those lies and that justice though delayed is never denied. Also shows that “Revenge will never give you back what you have lost”

The story has hall the ingredients of a blockbuster lies betrayal secrets politics all rolled into a nice mix but never complicating the storyline but keeping the readers bound.
The vivid description of Irish background also adds a beautiful touch to the plot
Sabibna’s Books are a great read

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