White Lies in Wisconsin – Joe Field

A lie is a lie and it is not white or black; it has no colour but has consequences

White Lies in Wisconsin by Joe Smith is a detective novel ; a whodunit; Though it says is Cooper Smith mystery no 3 and a very good one. Though I haven’t read first 2 but now it makes me want to read it though not necessary to do so. The story starts with a murder out of the blue with no backstory and no premise and straightforward plunges into action with murder kidnapping, blackmail and political intrigue that holds the readers interest from the word go. A thriller from start to end that never loses pace and would be loved by all readers young and old and mystery lovers or notbecause the stry has drama also. A very balanced and interesting detective story where the detective is a an intelligent normal married man and not s super hero
I would love to read more from this author Thanks @BookTasters for this book

I Love you to Pieces by Lori Flynn

I love you to pieces by Lori Flynn is a story that pulls you in from the start. It is the story of Olivia who has a life that every girl dreams of – A super rich father, a beautiful mother, a doting grandmother but is it really so perfect. her life is shadowed by evil that is unseen by others but the terror is felt by her each and every moment and those who love and protect her are being taken away, She develops a defense mechanism but that pushes her in so deep that her life, freedom and love is at risk
The story is a eventful and grips the readers and Olivia as the poor rich girl tugs at the heart and makes you feel for her. Does she ever come to terms with trauma and gets her life on track makes the readers invested in the story.
A tearjerker at times part mystery and part thriller the story has many shades that pique the interest.The story becomes slack in between but later again picks up the pace so it is a great read Thanks @booktasters for this book

For Those Who Dare – John Anthony Miller

For Those Who Dare by John Anthony Miller is a fantastic account of the events around the construction of the Berlin Wall. The wall was constructed to keep the west out or was it to keep the east in is a big question here.
There are are group of people who need to escape to the west at any cost which becomes nearly impossible with the construction of the wall overnight. The rest story is how they plan and manage it and whether they are successful in an atmosphere of distrust where you are not sure who you can trust and betrayals becomes the norm and survival becomes a necessity When loved ones betray they receive help from unexpected sources.
The story is never dull and very realistic as if the author was part of the its unfolding and it is hard to put down book I read it from start to finish. A fantastic story with very good characters.
Thanks Readers House for the chance to read and review this book for free.

Echoes of the Gidat – Eme Savage

AN amazing fantasy world that is so vividly described by the author in Echoes of the Gidat. The story is also equally fascinating and spellbinds the reader.
Two timelines are running parallel but never create any confusion. One is the story of the first Gidat being narrated to prepare the prophesied last gidat for his role. The characters are also remarkable There are too many characters but each one has enriched the story
Though initially it takes times time and a few pages to get into the story bur once it picks pace never slacks off.
It makes me eagerly and anxiously wait for the fates of Minkos , Tgan , Katriel and all others to be revealed so waiting for the sequel .

A must read for all kinds of readers because it is a great chronicle

Wanted – Shelby Haisley

Wanted by Shelby Haisley was sent to me through @BookTasters. It is a edge of seat thriller from the 1st page
August has lost her parents in a car accident but cannot remember most of it just that her father had asked her to run and that is what she does . She has to run to find those who murdered her parents
and protect herself from CIA , gangsters all who want something from her. She also has to find out her parents’ secrets that the CIA director so desperately wants.
Her only hope is a rogue agent Steele and his protege
A fast thriller with all the elements of a blockbuster. A well written story where events keep happening every page and keeps the reader glued . A page turner from the word go makes eagerly and Anxiously wait for the sequel

Laundered Shirts look Better on Hangers by Jane Collins – Phillippe

Laundered Shirts look Better on Hangers by Jane Collins – Phillippe – A humorous dark at times,self deprecating in parts and dry wit majorly marks this tale.
When I received this book from the author through @BookTasters mI hadn’t expected that I would love it so much.
This is the tale of a not exactly downtrodden but browbeaten with no will of her own housewife Claudia who is manipulated by her cheating husband and evil sister. Whatever she wants in life since birth is taken away by her sister just for the heck of it even her beloved piano that belonged to her grandparents though her sister never plays it.Claudia thinks that the only power she has over her life is to end it and even she fails at that 3 times. She considers this fate and with help of her true friends and some eccentric people she meets she rebuilds her life, becomes financially independent and gets rid of her old life and builds a new one.
This is her story – how she rids herself of the cobwebs and finds her inner strength at an age where many people think life is over and gets back all that she truly desires forms the crux of the story.
The pace is slow ( It would have been better if the mental state and inner conflicts description wa a little less) but still this book is smile all the way through kind of story and laughing loud in some place. A must read. Don’t get put off by the Phone sex thing- It plays a very small but significant part in Claudia’s evolution.

Based on Lies: It Begins by Debarshi Kanjilal

A psychological thriller that throws curve balls in every chapter. A story that innocently starts with what looks like an unhappy marriage soon turns sinister as the past secrets are revealed . There are no heroes or innocents in this story but everyone seems to have a dark secret and no one is innocent.
These skeletons of the past are revealed in a diary kept by the protagonist Anurag. The story ends on a cliffhanger where the diary is left for his wife to be found and what she does with the diary left to readers’ imagination or have to wait for the 2nd installment of the story to be revealed
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

The Modi Factor – An enigma (Divider in Chief or Uniter in Chief ???!!!

Modi Bhakt or a Modi Basher, hater or admirer one thing is to be noted, How a common man has emerged as one the most powerful leaders Independent Indian political scene has seen.
This elections have been long, weary and we’ve seen campaigning that seems to have touched the lowest levels of decency in the 70+ years of independent India by overzealous followers of losers and winners. But what is amazing is the factor is the rise of a leader who is not from the elite circles or noble birth or political family but a person from the masses , who started as a party member but rose through the ranks and became not only the Prime Minister a second time but emerged the only leader with no alternative. The BJP under Narendra Modi’s leadership is single largest party that won absolute majority after almost 48 years in the current Lok Sabha.
Who would have thought a simple man with humble origins would be the undisputed leader one who has become the identity of the party rather than the party being his identity.
Even when Mr Modi was appointed chief minister of Gujarat in 2001, No one could have predicted this meteoric rise of this enigma to be the undisputed leader in just few years. Love him hate him but hats off to him is justified. Being labelled the Leaer who has unifie India like no other from Divider in Chief- Even international media has been forced to change their stance. A man who was avoided to being embraced like a brother by international community is no mean feat – that too without any lobbying.
People allege cheating but on such a large scale when each step is being scrutinised . And cheating makes only a difference of 2-4% and not on this large scale.
Hate him or love him He is here to stay for next 5 years and more


The Collection – G Edward Smith

First I am a great fan of Short stories / Flash Fiction but rarely I find that satisfy my craving. But few stories in this book really sates my hunger and then leaves you asking for more. The first story especially “A Strange Kind of Courage” looks like a simple plain story but just hits and jolts you in the last few lines and turns everything around.
The 8th story is also too good with an unexpected turn as well as the 6th story are just too good
The best is the 4th story has a twist that leaves you stunned and this story brings out the best of the book with such a great a plot twist in just couple of pages.
The collection has right amount of disgust, horror, disbelief and so many other emotions “What Just happened moments”
The rest of the stories are just ok
But this is a book that must be read for these stories I am going to read again
Thank you to the author and @BookTasters for this book

Don’t Wake Up – Shauna Kelley

Don’t Wake Up by Shauna Kelley is the heart’s wish of Gillian for her comatose husband which may or may not be her fault and when he wakes up after a long time and doesn’t remember their marriage, she creates an alternate realty the way she imagined her life should be. The conflict she feels for this continuous lying and inner conflict are the most important part of the story.
This story is an intriguing take on the complexity of expectations from relationships and heartburns caused when they fall short and how it affects mentally and emotionally. It is mainly Gilly’s story from her childhood and told from her perspective, her inner conflicts, her arguments with herself and her disappointments and her hopes.
The only shortcoming was we are given only Gilly’s perceived husband’s emotional cruelty and infidelity, Whether it is Gilly’s imagination or real is never made clear. But still it is a very good read
Thanks Shauna and @Booktasters for this beautiful read