The Dumont Chronicles – Gloria Repp

Book 1 The Forever Stone :

I received this book from the author via @Booktasters
The Forever Stone is the first book in the Dumont women chronicles . This is the story of Madeline or Mollie who wants to forget her traumatic past and abusive dead husband and start new in the quiet and away from big city life. She escapes from a scheming, don’t care mother, nosy relatives to a new beginning to help her aunt restore an ancient mansion in the somewhat lonely quiet area.
What Madeline finds there forms the crux of the story. Whether she heals from her fearful past and finds peace and all that she deserves or faces another trauma. How she beats the odds and whether she overcomes her problems and helps those in need.
The story is simple and delight to read (gives a kind of M&B feel)
Not too many characters crowd
The only thing that put me off was too much religious content. I do not mind that as I am a believer but not too religious and sometime the book gives the feel that it is kind of propagating one religion which can be a little offputting to those varied readers
despite this it was a pleasant read on a lazy evening

Book 2 Deep Focus

I received this book from the author via @Booktasters
This is the second book in the Dumont Women Chronicles. I have to say Gloria repp has created the representative of modern women confident, working and but also kind and helpful This is the story of Lin , the in and out aunt in the first book.
The story is good it has all the elements of betrayal, hope love and not giving up and compromising what heart does not agree with and also that when one one door closed either another door or window opens.
This could have been a great story but drags a little in the middle and has too much of religious content and that though not directly says One religion is only one though I appreciate that the author never condemns others.

Book 3 The Protector

The third in the series of Dumont Women. It carries forward the story of Lin and Mollie and their love lifes and other characters that their life is entangles with.
Lin has to return to her castle being restores by her niece Mollie due to arson and damage to the castle and threats. Someone wants to buy their castle at any cost.
there is betrayal by an old friend, help from new friends and new hopes and beginnings.
The story is simple and good and a pleasant read on rainy afternoon.
Would have better if scriptures were quoted less

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