The Fading of Kimberley – Kit Crumpton

Thank you @BookTasters for this book which I received from the author. This book deals different types of mental illnesses and their experimental treatment in the 1920s to 1940s. It deals with a difficult topic that was taboo in those times and illness in the family often hidden and never questioned the supposedly expert doctors decisions mostly experimental an expression “let’s see what are the results” after a procedure is done. It was a time when shock therapy, cold water treatment and other cruel methods and also lobotomy were often used to treat persons who did to conform to social norms of normalcy at those times; especially women. No one dared question or get clarifications over the results.
This is a book that is little disturbing and an honest account . but as a story it fails at times to hold interest but still it is a must read book. 41PJBuSVjLL.jpg

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