Stranger Things Have Happened – Thomas Gaffney

Stranger Things Have Happened by Thomas Gaffney is a collection of eerie short stories that mange to spook. There are 9 stories and each story has a different element that is scary, spooky or that elicits what just happened moments.
Each story has a twist. I especially loved Feeeeenix , missing and ghost. The stories are never repetitive , each has fresh new angle and simple to read but as the title suggests “Stranger Things Have Happened”.
I am big fan of short stories or flash fiction and not all books that come under this genre are as good as this one. The author has a gift of saying the entire story in a few pages with few characters and this is what I loved instead of convoluted plots and storylines and a crowd of characters that not only confuse the reader but the author also. Thankfully this book does not come under this. In fact it creates a feeling and you wish to know more what happened after that.
very great read. Thank you Thomas Gaffney and @BookTasters for this wonderful book

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