Three Hots and a Cot by Nancy Wyatt

An honest account of the homeless people told from their point of view that are really heart touching.
By a combination of prose and poetry, the accounts bring tears.
Here the book doesn’t ask for donations or alms but asks to understand and not pity or despise the homeless, sick or addicted people. The author makes a point that this can happen to best of people due to circumstances. And these people are not to be despised or pitied because they did not become addicts or peddlers or prostitutes by choice but were forced to. How hunger not only yours but your dependents drives one to desperate measures. The author pleads that if one cannot help them it’s okay but do not despise them. Anyone can be their shoes.
The last story “Please God” from a child’s view point is most disturbing of all. How a kid is being used and lied and led with a false show of concern, what will he grow up to be.
“Three Hots and a Cot” is a must read. I received this book from the author via @Booktasters

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