The Modi Factor – An enigma (Divider in Chief or Uniter in Chief ???!!!

Modi Bhakt or a Modi Basher, hater or admirer one thing is to be noted, How a common man has emerged as one the most powerful leaders Independent Indian political scene has seen.
This elections have been long, weary and we’ve seen campaigning that seems to have touched the lowest levels of decency in the 70+ years of independent India by overzealous followers of losers and winners. But what is amazing is the factor is the rise of a leader who is not from the elite circles or noble birth or political family but a person from the masses , who started as a party member but rose through the ranks and became not only the Prime Minister a second time but emerged the only leader with no alternative. The BJP under Narendra Modi’s leadership is single largest party that won absolute majority after almost 48 years in the current Lok Sabha.
Who would have thought a simple man with humble origins would be the undisputed leader one who has become the identity of the party rather than the party being his identity.
Even when Mr Modi was appointed chief minister of Gujarat in 2001, No one could have predicted this meteoric rise of this enigma to be the undisputed leader in just few years. Love him hate him but hats off to him is justified. Being labelled the Leaer who has unifie India like no other from Divider in Chief- Even international media has been forced to change their stance. A man who was avoided to being embraced like a brother by international community is no mean feat – that too without any lobbying.
People allege cheating but on such a large scale when each step is being scrutinised . And cheating makes only a difference of 2-4% and not on this large scale.
Hate him or love him He is here to stay for next 5 years and more


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