Idle thoughts about Holy month of Shraadh

This is the holy month or inauspicious month of Sharaadh according to each’s own belief when we pay tributes to our ancestors and seek their blessings. I have two questions in mind

  1. Why is it we remember and seek their blessings only after their death
  2. Why is it that the tributes are given in temples to over fed priests  and not to orphans or the poor starving

Just try it once. Just take leftover food ( not the spoiled rotten food ) to a rickshaw or auto stand in the night and see how they treat you like royalty and eat the food that you were wasting like its a five course meal instead of the priests who treat you with disdain because theres less ghee or the food is not as rich as the other well to dos or the offerings with the food are not satisfactory.

I also wonder with so many people offering food what  do the pandits do with it They cant eat it all Can they?


Just thinking about Beef Wars

Yes I would like to call it Beef Wars

First of all I do not eat Beef maybe if forced to eat I would puke if I came to know about it because Ive been raised by my parents that way, But I wonder if I had been raised in another country say US Canada or any other country would it be different. I also do not eat pork bacon so does that make me non Hindu

Though I do not recommend beef eating, in my opinion its a matter of choice and not force. Ok do not eat Beef ’cause you consider it a sacred animal but what about other animals like goat, chicken and also seafood. Are they not Gods creations and hence sacred, If a lion becomes a maneater we kill it what about us including me as I eat chicken mutton and seafood

When we buy meat we seek the tenderest meet which is of young lamb or a baby chicken, Isn’t their life sacred. Again Im not preaching vegetarinism but against beef wars. If meat is to be banned it should include all animals and not just animals u like otherwise leave it to choice.

ok cow slaughter is sin but isnt murder cheating and all other crimes bigger sins what about first banning them

Again Idle thoughts

I have observed that whenever there’s a call for donation to construct a grand religious place, billions of rupees are collected enough to construct a temple the size of  big city.

But call for donation to construct a homeless shelter, not enough is collected to construct bare walls

Let that alone, if an old faithful maid / driver asks for loan (and not donation) for a child or spouse’s treatment  or a child’s study, the mind starts counting the pros and cons .

One has buckets of milk to bathe the idles of wood, stone and mud but not an extra slice of bread for the starving and hungry

I have also observed that as our status and finances improve our willingness to give decreases

in simple words as we become richer our hearts become poorer

Just thinking

We are being prompted again and again to give up our LPG subsidies for the benefit of the poor and the needy. I am wondering by poor and needy do they mean MLAs and MPs. How many of them have given up their subsidies or ration quotas. Why do they need canteen subsidies. In the parliament canteen they get 5 star quality food less than the rate of a roadside dhaba. Are really they so poor.

So the conclusion is they are the real poor and needy

Just wondering


When I was just out of college I wanted to be a working woman and disliked to be at home mom or a housewife. Now I am just that what I disliked;  whether out of laziness or necessity that’s a different matter. Does that mean I’ve become a nonentity or a useless person.

Should all ladies come hail or fire continue working despite all problems.

Because problems after a while are all solved and everybody forgets why you had to leave the job even your husband and then start the  self doubts and unseen SCARS on your heart caused by barbs of your supposed loved ones where you are asked what you have contributed to this family and the house, Is staying at home and taking care of family so useless Then why a women who works and earns as much as her husband or more considered a failure when her house is unkempt, the elderly not taken care of and children run wild.

Why a woman only has to bear the scars of failure or has God failed somewhere as he didn’t give the superpowers to women

Just idle Musings

If Food lover is called a foodie why isn’t book lover called a ____________

Why is that title given to somebody else that too a criminal