In The Footsteps Of Rama: Travels with the Ramayana – Vikrant Pande , Neelesh Kulkarni

In the Footsteps of Rama :Travels with the Ramayana by Vikrant Pande and Neelesh Kulkarni is a travelogue ; a travelogue of a different kind. This book traces the journey of Sri Ram along with his wife and brother , the places they visited and stayed as they travelled as he went for their exile originating from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka.
This travelogue is more exciting to read because the authors not only visited the places but coaxed stories out of the caretakers and common people . This makes the narrative a beautiful experience because of the versions of the folktales, and histories attached to each place.

This is a work of love, painstaking research and reverence . The hard work of the authors shines through out this beautiful read that has a simple language that is easy to read; sprinkled here and there with a slice of humour but never irreverent.

This book is a work of faith that touched the readers’ core . A must read for all familiar with story of Rama and also others. Though a few places are missing but still covers the major and important part of the journey, Though this book could have been more exciting if pictures could have been provided but yet a must read. Thanks @Indicbookclub and @IndicAcademy for this great and fascinating read.

Last but not the least A very beautiful cover

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