Rites & Wrongs – Holly Harrison

A detective story that takes the reader on journey through Santa Fe / New Mexico and brings out the locales vividly. Rites & Wrongs by Holly Harrison in an engaging detective story

The mystery picks when Bobby ( boyfriend of Sata Fe police Captain’s niece) disappears and then is later found abandoned bound on cross draped in a Jesus Costume stolen from a Opera storehouse and is in a near death coma.

Detective Pascal is assigned the stolen robe case and the captain as a favour asks him look for Booby also unofficially.

To tell the truth I am not much aware of the culture of New Mexico, The author paints a vivid picture of the people customs and locations that the reader feels the experience and makes you yearn to know more. The plot has a good pace and the characters flow with plot. There are not many unnecessary deviations or twists to break the pace of the plot.

The only thing that needs refinement is that the story dragged a bit after the excellent plot twist was revealed. Apart from that this is a book fiction and mystery lovers would love. I received this book for an honest review.

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