Swift Horses Sharp Swords – Amit Agarwal

Swift Horses Sharp Swords by Amit Agarwal is well researched book that traces India’s history through various invasions that ravaged India in the medieval times. How India changed from the Golden Sparrow that was rich in culture and resources; a land that every traveler, merchant and historian wanted to visit to the state that it was in the 19th century. the wars and the invasions are discussed ; some wars well known and others not so much. The battles are logically analysed ; the causes and effects are discussed.
The book is a not a essay but kind of told in anecdotes that makes reading easy. Nor it preaches what could have been done right. The author explores the facts which are deeply researched. The depth of research is shown in the credits and endnotes. Though there are few chapters and facts that many people wouldn’t agree with and some well known histories and people omitted. Also a many paragraphs reduce the effect of the narrative because of repetitiveness I would highly recommend this book not only to History Buffs but everyone in general. I especially like the fact some not so well known heroic contributions are also discussed and analyzed
Thanks Indic Book Club for this great piece of history

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