Shattered Rhymes by Stan Finger

Shattered Rhymes by Stan finger is my second book from the author. And so much different from the first. Though it has the feel , the beautiful writing style yet so different that I am amazed. This book has a little of adventure, mystery and emotional growth of the characters. A young girl is murdered and a emotionally spent detective is assigned the case who once was top notch but now after his wife left him has to come to terms with life . It has been a long time since he has got any conviction in any case and his cases are being reassigned. But this case resonates with him and he resolves to solve this murder. The investigation brings him in conflict with his girlfriend as he has to protect a beautiful and talented poetess who is the sole witness to this murder, Soon the local Church also gets involved.

The story though id not very fast paced it binds the reader in to the roller coater of emotions and detective work. The short poems interspersed in between are a great read and an added bonus for the reader. I would really recommend this book to everyone.

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