Jackson – Lynn McLaughlin

Mental health is always a subject that everyone talks about yet avoids mentioning any relation to it. It is a sticky subject and has a stigma attached . So many patients and their loved suffer due to this and avoid seeking professional help fearing the stigma.
Jackson by Lynn McLaughlin is a very apt book in these trying times that talks in detail about the pain and suffering and confusion not only a patient suffers but also his family and loved ones undergo. A mother’s struggle to understand and help her son and to trying to overcome the feeling of guilt (subconsciously thinking maybe it’s her fault or maybe there’s a fault in her upbringing) are very much dealt in detail. The thoughts of the patient and his struggle is also so vivid.
The book is an eye opener and a help those struggling with mental health problems and their and loved ones. This is not a miracle cure suggestion but a helpful guide to deal with the problems. This not a lecture nor a statement but a kind of experience to help others. The quotes at the start of the each chapter set the tone of the subject. and are very noteworthy and apt.
Thanks @BookTasters for this goodread

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