Breaking the Cycle of Silence: Raising Awareness and Taking Action to Prevent Childhood Sexual abuse – Daniel Pearse

There are many kinds of books / stories – ranging from too good to very bad and occasionally some that you can’t finish (they are so much worse). But once is a while you come across a book that you cannot put down but still wish that this book didn’t need to be written. Abuse of any kind physical, mental or sexual is horrific at any age but at the age when kids don’t even know the complete meaning of sexual acts are subjected to sexual abuse , it becomes more traumatic. The best thing about this book is that the author neither asks for pity or sympathy just wants the world to acknowledge that CSA happens and not turn a blind eye or deaf ear to it. He pitches for age appropriate sex education and awareness about this much avoided topic.
He advocates that kids be educated about it as per their age so they can recognise abuse and not be silent and guilty about it. And this is true about one country but entire world as well. Now a days I know of some parents and schools that teach small children difference between “Good” and “Bad” touch and this is absolutely necessary. Yes it is high time to break this cycle of silence.
This book is not only a must read for CSA survivors but also for parents, guardians, teachers and counselors or anyone who works with kids how important this is.
Thanks @BookTasters for this book

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