Venkatesa Suprabhatam by Venkatesh Parthasarathy

I received Venkatesa Suprabhatam by Venkatesh Parthasarathy as part of #1000reviewersclub from Indic Book Club.
Having grown up and studied in Hyderabad , I have heard this prayer numerous times and really wondered about the lyrics and the meaning . After settling in the north , this slipped my mind but always heard it whenever I visited Hyderabad . And it is rightly said that it is the most popular prayer especially in South India and many times heard through North too.
This Book is the story of this prayer and also tells the stories within. Not only are the words translated but the also tells the story history behind each verse and also so many other facts associated. Also interspersed is the story of the Tirumala Temple (where this prayer starts the day to awaken the Gods) and also of Vaishnavism. These are a few factors mentioned in this book. There are such others histories and stories of saints, kings, dynasties that the book is full of. It gives a glimpse into the rich religious, socio-political world of South India from the old times .
This is not just a whim or a thought but a deeply researched (the author has referenced so the reader interested gets more reco to read another plus point. ) and written from the heart book and is a beautiful book that I would recommend to all readers.

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