Shot Down – Steven Sheiner

Shot Down by Steven Sheiner is an exciting thrill ride that is hard to put down. I started reading the book believing it to be a thriller then after few pages was like maybe it’s a family drama about guns and the necessity of gun laws then suddenly bam! What a rollercoaster ride it was.
Yes there is a Family Drama too with the Twists, plots and counterplots . Once the ride begins the reader cannot relax until the ride ends. A simple story that starts with a common man’s concern about rising violence in society that makes him purchase a gun for self defense takes him on a ride that not only endangers him but his family , his sanity and his career. he is left no option but to fight back and also he has secrets of his own. Scared and destroyed , he has no one to turn to and not even authorities and also people who suppose to be helping him
My only negative point is this still ends on a small cliffhanger ; maybe for sequel. Yayyyy!
A great book for all thrill seekers.
Thanks @BookTasters for this great book

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