Dharma by Amish and Bhavna Roy

Thank you Indic Book club for this intense read. I have been a fan of Amish since the immortals of Meluha.
This book is a discussion amongst a family of four about what Dharma is. It was unexpectedly interesting with reference to epics. It is neither a boring lecture on spirituality nor a motivational book on ethics. It is a lively discussion that engages the reader. The stories that we have heard since our childhood are discussed and these stories and characters are applied onto daily life. Here Dharma is not about religion but about the way of Life. A very interesting and a good read.
But the down point here many of the books and characters discussed here from Amish’s previous 2 series and if the reader hasn’t read or heard about these and is aware of only the actual epics written so long before, this becomes a little confusing. And a few times the discussion thread just changes abruptly onto new topic. Another point is a new reader who is not familiar with the ancient epics, this book becomes more confusing.

But still I would recommend this book , as once you start reading it, it is difficult to not be part of it and put down easily. Though it is not an edge of seat kind of story but still a book that is hard to put down unfinished.

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