The Blue waterfall by C J Bralt

The Blue Waterfall by C J Bralt is an emotionally difficult read that goes into the cycle of abuse in a person’s life.
At First I was irritated by the narrative as to why one endures so much abuse in so many forms and still goes back for more, excusing the behaviour and not seeking help. But as you are sucked into the story, you understand the psyche and why a person who has been abused finds it difficult to break the cycle of abuse. It takes an herculean effort mentally to come to terms and accept and break the pattern and in the process rebuild your and your loved ones especially kids lives and the self respect. It is huge task to again believe in yourself and know that you are a victim and not the cause of the suffering. She also talks about rarely talked about Parental Alienation and discuuses in great detail.
A must read for everyone

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