The End of Where We Begin by Rosalind Russel

The End of Where We Begin is a heart wrenching story of life among ruins and devastation of civil war. The story of survivors in a refugee camp their struggles both inner and outer, the will to just go through the day and life, the hardships physical and metal; and their losses not just materialistic but also their loved ones sometimes not even knowing whether their loved ones are alive or not and if alive if they were safe.
Though the story is based in Sudan’s Bidi Bidi Camp it universal and the characters replaced by any one in any refugee camp all over the world. The war not only affects the poor and the affluent alike. And no one side is a winner. Everyone suffers. This point effectively put across by the author and vividly put across the futility of strife and war.
Though the story ends on a somewhat happy note for the protagonists; a ray of hope amongst despair. The only sore point for me was the alternating storylines which brings an interruption to the continuation but thus was soon ignored as the book progressed and pulled me in.
A story that one will read again and again
Thanks @BookTasters for this great book

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