Save Me Twice by E A Dustin

Every story has 3 sides – Mine, Yours and the True Side. And mostly the popular stories are told by winners.

Save me Twice by E A Dustin is a great story from the WWII time. This is different story from so many WW2 stories I have come across. Most Stories delve into the How the War was won or the atrocities on the Jews, The Holocost (Which is inhuman and terrible). But this story shoes the other side where even the Common Germans suffered those who were either indifferent or opposed to Nazi propaganda and war and just wanted to get on with their lived. They never hated the Jews but were scared to offer assistance to their friends and neighbours for fear of reprisals and forcibly inducted into the Nazi madness. The story is narrated by a German teenager who along with his brother is forcibly made to participate in the Nazi youth brigands and then drafted into the war.

The story make you realise there is never a clear winner in a war and each side suffers great losses and even all belonging to the supposedly the good side are angels and even they commit atrocities on the innocent victims of war whether as revenge or power.
Though there are a few minor errors , I will not mention them as they are forgotten in the overwhelming emotions and power of the story. The best part is this story never begs for sympathy for the suffering German family but puts out the facts and reality of Why majority of the Germans didn’t (in fact couldn’t) oppose the Nazi regime and atrocities. The hundreds of Missing members of their families are testimony to this fact.

A great and engaging read A must read for everyone

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