Happiness is a Collage and A Tapestry of Tears – Gita V Reddy

These 2 books are a treat for those craving for short story genre . Having read her book The Morning Star , when the author contacted me for these 2 books I was eager to read them. And I am pleased to say that I was elated to receive and read them as short stories are my Favorite genre.

Both these are a collection of short stories from all over India and are as vivid and colourful as the diversity of India. Each story has a message of hope full of emotions and never overdramatic. Each story has a different perspective and message foe change and progression and women empowerment in a subtle but makes a powerful impact.

Though the stories are totally Indian in flavour l they are universal in their impact. The first story in A Tapestry of tears (touching the theme of woman empowerment and honour and the fragile subject of female foeticide and infanticide ) is one that you will never forget even after days you read it. The message of hope and change that it gives is so beautiful that it brings tear to eyes each story is a labour of love . These are books that must be read by everyone.

A author that deserves to be read again and again

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