Before Chasing Fate by Kanwal Muzaffar

Before Chasing fate by Kanwal Muzaffar is an intriguing psychological thriller with a touch of supernatural (but still not horror) that though isn’t a mystery but still a plot that grips the attention of the reader the supernatural element gives a edgy touch to the story where sometimes you feel something is going to happen ? The story starts with a murder of a wife by her psychotic husband. The husband changes identity and tries to move on; but is haunted by the hallucinations of his dead wife , The wife has no family or friends to seek justice for her also cannot move on even after death and tries to seek justice and the events come to head when the professor falls for a student who reminds him of his wife. Will the wife ever get justice Will the student become another victim? . Will the professor ever move ? Will his actions remain hidden ?

The other story of the student Rees and her friend Dylan and boyfriend Vaughan and their personal lives is so integrated into the main so that it seems the main story itself. The last chapter requires reading twice as each time you get a different perspective though the words are same.
A story with with few main characters and some minor characters that move the story. Though the pace of the story is not fast but still events keep on happening and keep the reader glued to find What happens next?

A simple yet so complicated plot. A good read for psychological thriller fans. The only shortcoming for me was that the psyche of the some characters was not enough

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