The Morning Star by Gita V Reddy

he Morning Star by Gita V Reddy is a gripping, emotional drama that binds the reader as soon as the actual story start with the urgent pain midnight call from a woman who she knows everyday but still is a stranger. From here starts the roller coaster journey of Sudha that forces her to shed her quiet personality who never takes decisions on her own to a person of action to save a new born girl who though not related by blood becomes a daughter of her heart. She does what she has never done and goes to any lengths to save the little one from harm by her own father and other unscrupulous people and in doing so also frees her own inner self from shackles.
Whether she succeeds forms the crux of the story.
A tale of love, courage and bravery that is so binding that I had to finish this book in a day. Thanks @Booksirens for this great story

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