Scattering the Ashes by Paul Semendinger

Scattering the Ashes by Paul Semendinger is an easy read about family especially father son relationship. After the death of his father, Sam is given letters written by his late father by his father’s attorney; to scatter his ashes in places special to them both and has to go on series of excursions to fulfill the wishes though not compulsory. Initially Sam is reluctant and resentful of the burden placed om him and his other two siblings, still he reluctantly agrees and goes on a life changing journey that brings him closer to his father and also finds his future wife and is more at peace with his self and is clear about his goals in life. As an Indian, I can understand the urge to fulfill loved one’s last wishes as it is considered our sacred duty to do so.
This books takes you on a beautiful warm journey that brings a glow to your heart.
Thanks @BookTasters for this book

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