Our Friendship Matters – Kimberley B Jones

Our Friendship Matters by Kimberley B Jones is a coming of age YA novel that addresses several issues in today’s times. Using the friendship of Sasha and Leah as backdrop of the plot or rather the centre of the story, the author shows the life of teenagers and issues troubling them on both side of the society- the privileged and not so privileged. The story and the lives of the 2 friends takes a turn when Sasha joins a group to protest violence against blacks which tests the boundaries of their friendship and also other relations. The story also beautifully delves on the point of how far is too far in the pursuit of justice and if any means/method is justified. A must read in today’s troubled times
The characters in the story are all so real life and so part of the story The book grips you from the time the movement is mentioned. The best part is the book is neither preachy nor gives moral lectures but still teaches many lessons.

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