A King Under Siege and The King’s Retribution by Mercedes Rochelle

A king Under Siege by Mercedes Rochelle is a story that brings the little known aspects about not much known but much debated and controversial King Richard II. The story is interesting as it also touches not only the intrigue and politics of the time but also personal aspects of his life. His rule was affected by many adversities like Peasants revolt, betrayal of his ministers and close advisors and also plague. His failures, his miscalculations and his inability to control his supposed advisors and ministers make an interesting read. This plot never loses itself as some historical novels and thus avoids becoming too detailed to be boring.

The King’s Retribution is sequel to A king Under Siege that takes the story of Richard II forward. His humaneness is shown at the anguish he feels at losing his beloved wife Anne. His temper at the retribution he showers on those who humiliated and betrayed him in the past. His story is not just known facts but a meticulous research and piecing of little known aspects of his life. His rise and fall and his losing in touch with ground reality makes for a read that bounds the reader to his life story.
A great read for everyone

A must read for history buffs and also who want a surprisingly thrilling read.

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