Axel Holt : The Bounty Hunter of Superior North by Joe Field

Axel Holt by Joe Field is an action packed fantasy adventure. It takes place in an imaginary world but the problems and the corruption and corrupt leaders seem so true. Axel Holt is a bounty Hunter who was given superpowers to protect the nation but circumstances forced him to stray from his path and now the nation and people he once cared for need his help. But will he is the question.
Axel has to return to his past life and call in favours and protect the people he cared and their loved ones and battle some demonic villains in his adventure
The story is fast paced and is a page turner that keeps the reader glued. The characters and the atmosphere and the time and also the world are vividly described and come alive while reading. There is never a dull a dull moment in the story. The ending is left on an exciting cliffhanger that makes you yearn for the next part.
Thanks @BookTasters for this wonderful book

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