Big Mouth Blues – Danalynn Donovan

Big Mouth Blues by Danalynn Donovan is an awesome story of Kacey, a spunky teenager who has a big secret. She bears the brunt of her father’s violent rages of frustration and is always bruised since she was a kid. After her mother once stopped Kacey’s father from physically assaulting her and neighbors and others started noticing her bruises, he started hitting her only where nobody can notice the bruising and when her mother is not at home. Though her mother suspects , she fails to protect and hence Kacey has no one to back her up.
The author brings the truth of domestic violence and failure of those who can protect the children and shows the mental trauma of childhood abuse.The book is gripping and never loses steam and many times your heart breaks for Kacey. It is a beautiful story of a teenagers simple dreams and expectations and hoe the trauma that she cannot share breaks her everyday and she has to choose between breaking the vicious cycle or go the way her father and his father and his father were. A beautiful story that demands a reread.37645055._SX318_

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