Dragon Mage – Arisha Grabtchak

Dragon Mage by Arisha Grabtchak is an exciting magical journey that spellbinds the reader from start to end. This is the story of a very young orphan girl shunned by elders and teased and harassed by youngsters finds solace in an old man’s seemingly imaginary stories of dragons dyre wolves magicians and other magical creatures not knowing that soon she will be a part of these stories as she holds the destiny of the world in her family heirloom which is a curse
She cannot throw it away as only she can hold off the rise of evil due to her lineage
Her journey brings her to a Dragon who helps her to realise her destiny and channels her power
This is a an exciting story from the start with never a dull moment . A page turner from start to finish. The plot and the characters are so strong that it never feels like it is debut novel
This is book one of the Red Dragon chronicles and I am eagerly waiting for the sequel
A must read for all fantasy lovers as it is one of the best coming of age novels that I have come across recently41T0BZsATzL

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